Does a good-hearted considerate person have a right to look down on the selfish high maintenance and conceited?

Looking down on someone implies something about the way you are acting toward the person. I think that you can know that you are better than the other person, but don't give them the time of day by reacting to their selfishness or concietedness. Also, no one has the "right" to judge or look down on another person. Everyone is different in their own right. What would the world be if people were all the same? You may not get along with this person, but someone else may regardless of what you think. So the bottom line is, don't look down on someone just knowing that you are better than them should be satisfying enough. No, because that would lower you to their level. If at all possible and you have to deal with some of these people perhaps you could set a good example in hopes they may just clue in.