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First remember business and pleasure do not always mix. Now it does sound like he may have his eye on you but whats with the turning away stuff. Is he 15 years old again. If you have an interest then go ahead and ask him out. Dont wait or one day he's going to come in with a neck brace on from all the looking away. yes he likes you but hi most be shy, or scared that you are not going to take a chance of knowing so get a try at it and talk to him you dont have to be shy.but is he dosent like you you should ask him why is he always looking at you but he does like you.

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Is Lexapro a good weight loss pill?

Lexapro is an antidepressant and should not be taken for anything other than what it is prescribed for. If you wanna lose weight, modify your diet and go to the gym. Americans are always looking for a magic pill....get some will power and stop looking for a magic cure!

Signs he's interested?

Constantly looking at you, smiling at you, flirting with you, helping you with things.Servylia's Answer:being a gentleman around youloves to talk to you and not other girlshe always tries to be "around you"when u look at him and he's looking at you, he turns awaysmiling at youtries to help you with anything you need help with

How do you use noticed in a sentence?

"I noticed that..." For example, "I noticed that your box is full." If you were using it verbally or in conversational writing. Other Examples : "The watchman noticed a truck next to the warehouse." "The kids slipped from the classroom without being noticed."

Is discountlaptopscom just a gateway to other sellers or an actual discount laptop business?

After looking at this website I would say that it is a gateway to other sellers. I noticed advertisement for spa deals which is quite irrelevant to discount laptops.

What does it mean when your out with your girlfriend and she is always looking around at other dudes?

She may not be interested in you as much as she used too.

I noticed that the other day he was looking at me normally when i was talking to my friend and then looking at me then looking away quickly- would you say he likes me and is just acting shy around me?

yes, i would say that could be one reason or you could go n say to him will u go wae meh

Does a fecal exam always detect worms?

It should detect anything other than heart worm.

What Colour SHirts can you wear with red jeans?

Try netrual colors, whites blacks and soft greys always work with jean. Any other color and you risk looking to flashy and you could give off the impression that you are trying to hard to be noticed. it takes confidence to pull of reds. Remember to wear them effortlessly

What can a ring from your boyfriend simbolize other then a promise ring?

It can mean anything really. That he'll always be there for you, he loves you, friendship, he'll wait for you, he wants to be with you forever, anything.

Is jaundice seen in every patient that has liver disease?

Jaundice is not seen in every person with liver disease and it is not always the first symptom noticed. Other symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and back pain might be noticed first. Any of these symptoms should be brought to the attention of your physician.

What separates you from other candidate?

I Guess this company is looking for candidate who have genuine interest, which is lacking in the other candidates. & I always find easy solutions to work.

How can you be the popular girl in school?

being a popular girl means being known and admired by everyone.popular girls are popular cause they are good at making themselves noticed easier than other kids, so they wear good hair, make up and stylish clothes, cause then ppl notice them easier.and ever noticed that they walk confident? like standing tall and holding head high, like they are not afraid of anything? well that makes them look ever sexier, which makes them even more ppl notice them and have a good impression of them and admire them.moral of story: to be popular, its all about looking good enough and walking confident in order to be noticed all the time by everybody and being admired.but also remember to socialize with ppl, cause u r never happy without friends. and study, cause if u have a good job in future (one thing that u will only have if u study well and go to university), u will always have the money to look great and be always noticed and admired.

How would you know if you have depression?

i suffer from it and im always sad and just not wanting to do anything at all with other people.

What is a feeling of love with friends?

When you never want anything bad to happen to the other and you will almost always help eachother.

What words should you say to a girl you like?

Hello my name is(your name)...I noticed(what you noticed about her)......We should get to know each other better.

How do you get your blog noticed?

Comment on other people's blog! But there are other ways, it takes time.

Where should you always remember to keep your eyes while your driving?

When driving, you should always keep your eyes on the road. Looking anywhere other than at the road can result in an accident.

Crush on a manager working in a restaurant that i always eat in with my familyand he has been always looking at me and his eyes follow the direction i am walking does he like me?

maybe you should go in on your own and try and talk to him sometime, maybe get to know each other a bit better, dont do anything too soon you dont want to upset people :D

Is it safe to watch movies from other websites on you tube?

There is always a risk of getting a virus on another website but you can get viruses from anything

How were UFOs discovered?

As far back as cave-dwelling humans, we have always wondered about other life forms on other planets. And if artwork is accurate, humans have been looking to the sky hoping to see other beings. UFO's were not so much discovered as they were just always there.

What do Nick Jonas like to do?

He likes golfing and writing music in his spare time, but he is always looking for other creative things to try.

Why do California quails have that thingy on their head?

A male's topknot or plume of feathers is a bit larger. Besides helping them identify each other as male or female from the distance, I have quail that live in my yard and I've noticed the lookout always stands up taller when looking around, or perhaps perches on a bush or fence to keep an eye out from above. That tiny plume bobs around and I wouldn't be surprised if the other quail notice that to keep an eye on him for tips on their safety. When startled they act in unison, so they surely are always watching each other for tips on possible predators.

Why did Jefferson cut government spending?

Wanted to be noticed by other countries

Where would I be able to find matching costumes for kids?

Party City always has multiple versions of costumes. If you're looking for costumes that compliment each other, like Dorothy and Toto, try out They always have a lot of great costumes that would fit what you're looking for.

What can your parent do if your 15 yr old going out with a 19 that love each other and been together for 2 years?

They can't do anything bad, they can't do anything to the other person unless they like jail. they can only punish you how they always do, take away electronics, yell at you anything like that really.