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Probably not, he just wants you when it is convient for him, and telling you that he loves you, keeps you hanging on.

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What do Justin love doing?

man things he has said before though that he enjoys hanging out with friends and dacing in his free time :)

Could a boy like you even though he says he don't?

Yes, He just doesnt want to admit it around his friends.

How can you speak to Noah Cyrus?

The only way is that you're friends with one of her closer friends. It's very hard though because she is not allowed to talk to people she doesnt know

Should you stay with a guy who is immature jealous all the time and hurts you a lot even though both of you love each other and he doesn't fit with your friends?

i have the same exact problem....hes only jealous because he truly cares for you and doesnt want you to get hurt by anyone else because he knows its his job to take of you (his gurl) and your friends should be trying to make it comfortable for him to fit in...not to back off....well if they ARE your true friends. but even if they still make it hard for him, and hes still hanging in...hes not falling under peer pressure and hes hanging in for YOU!!! =]

How do you tell if your girlfriend really likes you?

She talks to you even though she is with her friends... she doesnt flinch when you touch her, she gives you peanut butter as presents. THANK YOU!

What contact did Anne Frank have with the outside world?

She did not have any contact for fear of blowing the secret that her family and friends were in hiding. Her diary is though a look inside her life during those years.

Does Hinata like Shino?

No she doesnt why because even though they are friends she doesn't have a romantic feeling towards like she have to naruto ( i would so prefer sasuhina)

My ex boyfriend still keeping contact with me after he broke up with me?

Maybe all he wants is to be friends? Just because you didnt work out as a couple, doesnt mean he doesnt still think of you as a friend. If you, however, dont feel the same it would be best to tell him. It also depends though, on if he still flirts. Or if when he calls you all he wants to do is think about 'old times'. This probably means he's not over you.

Can you be infected with HIV though casual contact?

You can not be infected with HIV though casual contact.

How can you contact Justin Bieber so he can see you if you are preatty or not to be his girlfriend?

if your not one of Justin's friends or for some reason you have his number than you probably won't be able to contact Justin unless you go to one of his concerts and he sees you and wont stop looking at you. Justin bieber probably doesnt just want a pretty girl though, he might like a girl with a good personality and a nice person.

What do you think if your ex boyfriend lies about having a girlfriend cause he doesnt want to be bothered but he still wants to be friends and texts you?

i think he generally wants to be friends with you however, if you still have feelings though ignore him..my mom always says you can never be friends with an ex its too hard

What should you do if your boyfriend keeps hanging out with girls?

whatever you do don't make him pick between you, his girlfriend, and his friends who hapen to be girls without finding out if he is actually cheating on you or not. if he is cheating on you though dump him immediately!

What were the Hanning Gardens of Baylon?

There was no such thing!! There were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon though.

How can you resist peer pressure?

Just resist what ever it is that your peers are trying to pressure you to do! Even though you may thing it makes you cool it isn't. Stay strong and keep hanging out with your true friends because these people that are trying to get you to do these stupid things aren't really your friends!

Does Jessica Alba have a sister?

no she doesnt she has a brother though

Why do you think about him all the time even though i know he doesn't want to be with me?

Because, even if he doesnt want to be with you, you still want to be with him. try to be friends with him and then he will see what a great person you are. never give up!

How do you find out if a guy likes you if you like him a lot but don't know if the feeling is mutual?

you can always ask one of your friends to ask him or his friends, or ask his friends. if you are brave you can ask him yourself. if you ask his friends though make sure it doesnt look like you are flirting with them. good luck! You could do that but i would also study his body movements and talk to him to see what he does around you!!!!!!

Does or did Nick Jonas have cancer?

No he doesnt have cancer. He has diabetes though.

Who was Robert Bunsen's mum?

he doesnt have a mum. he has a mom though

Can nokia n97 run iphone games?

No, it doesnt. Though the n97 has its own apps store (just like the i-phone). Its doesnt have as many apps as the iphone store though (yet)

What do you call a boy hanging on the wall?

I'm just guessing here but I think it migh be... let's say... A BOY HANGING ON A WALL! Just an idea though.

Is there any photos of the hanging of Adolf Eichmann?

Im sure there are. You and I will never see them though.

What are the best free Blackberry apps?

The best free Blackberry apps, are Facebook and Black Berry Messaging. Though Blackberry messaging you can keep in contact with all your friends who have a Blackberry.

Does it mean a boy likes you if he says hi to you all the time and talks to you a lot and sometimes cheers you on?


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