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Hard to say that he has a crush on you just because your talking and he gets flustered. I would say it would depend on what you were talking about, was it something personal, was it about something you knew more about than he did? Was it sexual? If it happens all the time when your speaking to him, then yes you could have something there, if its a rare thing and it only happened once, no not a crush. Go out with him one on one if your interested and see how he is then.... No, it means you caught him off guard when he wasn't ready to talk to you

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What do you do if your crush calls you beautiful?

flirt back or question him and say, why am i beautiful? itll get him flustered.

Why has your crush stop talking to you completely?

The most likely reason is that you are not his (her) "crush".

What should I do when my crush don't have a crush on me?

I just caught my crush staring at me today and l have a really huge crush on him since the 3rd grade. Is that a sign that he have a crush on me? P.S we are not close.

What if your crush caught you staring at him?

You would probably be embarrassed.

Why does a particular girl seem flustered and a bit intimidated by a certain guy when he talks to her?

Sounds like the girl is shy, and she has a crush on the boy. That would be my guess from reading that, anyway.

What should you do to get your crush to like you?

start talking to him/her

How can you know someone has crush on you by talking with you?

well they sound like there laughung while talking and then they will get along will them

How can a boy will have crush on you?

A boy can have crush on you if you become close. Talking random stuff, going on dates can make him fall for you.

How is a shy girl capable of talking loudly with or without her crush around?

You just need to try to build up your confidence. I used to be really shy and quiet, but if you get used to talking loudly and talking in front of your crush then you'll be able to do it.

Why has my crush stopped talking to me?

Becaue he hates you and thinks you are a weirdo.

What does it mean if a guy stares at you when your talking to another guy?

He has a crush on you!

There is this guy who said that he likes talking to me does that mean he has a crush on me?

not necessarily.

How do you not get nevous talking to your crush?

well you will still get nervous you might blush but try to talk to your crush like when your talking to one of your friends it relaxes you makes it easier to talk I hope this helps :)

Why are guys scared to talk to their crush?

The biggest fear that guys have about talking to their crush is rejection. Some guys are just shy.

How can you become friends with your crush?

Talk to the people your crush talks to, start hanging out with them and hopefully your crush talks to you if not they are not intrested in being your friend or else you start talking to him/her and do your thing.

If a guy tells you that he likes talking with you does that mean he has a crush on you or he really likes you?


What if you caught your crush looking at you for more than 2 seconds?

He was probably wondering why you were staring at him.

What do you do if you caught your best friend kissing your crush?

You tell your friend you saw what she did and see where it goes from there.

What to talk with your crush?

If you are talking with your crush, first of all you are on the right track. If you begin talking to him(or her) every day, you become friends. After you're friends, if he(or she) starts acting funny or very nice, he(or she) is flirting. If he(or she) flirts with you, he(or she) likes you.

What does it mean if a girl starts talking to you more and talking about things that we have in common and getting interested in things that you are interested in?

maybe she has a crush on you?

What do you do if you have a crush on someone older?

you do what i did when i had a crush on my teacher mr.Dodd,you tell the person how you feel about him/her.Iwas shy at first but eventually i caught on.just give ita shot.

What do you do when your crush knows you have a crush on them?

I'd suggest that you could try talking to them about it and ask if they feel the same way about you, just so you can both move on.

Why are guys so shy about talking to you?

it's because they have a crush on you dont you see

What does it mean if your crush won't stop talking to you?

he probably feels the same way about you! :)

Who does Harry have a crush on?

It really depends on which book/movie you are talking about. He has many crushes.