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Does a guy like you If he says your name in conversation?


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2005-09-21 18:30:34
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*looks at you quizically* Not in all seriousness. This could mean anything from it being his cousins name to he hates your guts. leave the poor guy alone if he's not worth it. if he is go for it. ~Zosia

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almost definety, unless he said it in like a joking way

This is a question I had truble figureing out and here is how i think you should tell a guy you like them go to a place you konw you will see him and start a conversation then causialy tel him you like him and see what he says.

it probably means hes just nervous and is nott willing to start a conversation with you. Instead you should start the conversation with him.

its all like......... your talking about one thing and then the guy says do u want a wedgie? and then u say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be your self that is very important but another thing that is important is to say your name

This was the conversation: Guy: None of your friends really like me though ___(BFF'S name) BFF: Well, one of my friends really likes you. Guy: Her;(Points to me, I was standing there) Me: Hey, I heard that. Guy: *Laugh* I know you like me. Me: Uh..well...uh...bye... BFF: Wait, ___(My name) you're not leaving until you at least say hi to (___Guys name) Me: (BFF'S name) BFF: Just say it Me: Hi Guy: Hi Me: Well, um bye...*Kinds of hides behind BFF* Guy: I can kinda understand why your shy... BFF: Later, (___Guy's name) *We both walk away.* So, who can decode this conversation??? Im totally confused... !!!

first if you know the guy start out on a casual conversation then ask him if he likes you if he says yes then ask him out!! if he says no dont worry there are other fish in the sea.

talk to her about it. and dont just bring him up in conversation. pretty much start the conversation with 'i like the same guy you do'.

what you do is make conversation and see were it goes

just be yourself start a conversation

just go up to him and start a conversation like hello how are you today? or something to get a conversation started.

It means that he feels like he can talk to you about everything and he feels like your his best friend<3btw its great to have a guy best friend:)

by asking about family and what he likes for example do you like foot ball or so whats you sisters name or brothers name

Depending on the situation, he could like you. Or, if you guys are friends, it is possible he was just making conversation.

Probably just another 'pick up' line - hes likely interested in you and trying to start conversation.

Tell everybody hes gay and send messages to your phone acting like a conversation delete the extras to make it look like a real conversation then save your number in your contacts under his name and send it to everyone.

He is polite and knows your name.

He is trying to start a conversation and is smiling and laughing

go up and make a conversation its the best way

depends on the guy and how much he does and what he says.

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