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I really don't know to be honest because I had a guy do this to me I was so confuss

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What if a guy acts like a total jerk then asks you out?

If you like him, go for it.If not, ignore him.

What does it mean when a guy is really sweet to you at first but then acts like a total jerk later on?

If he's really nice to you at first that means he likes you.If he starts being a real jerk that means maybe his friends don't like you or he's insecure.

What does it mean when a guy tell you he likes you but acts like a jerk?

it means that he is not telling you the truth and that he is lion

What is the opposite of jerk?

The opposite of a jerk is a nice guy. See here. http://kuldyerk.blogspot.com/

What does it mean when a guy was a jerk too you and finally is nice or sweet?

it means that he like you but doesnt know how to get your eye

How do you tell a guy you like him without saying i like you?

Be nice to him by doing random acts of kindness for him.

Does your Boyfriend like homeade cards?

Any smart guy will appreciate a nice, handmade gift. If he doesn't like it, he's a jerk.

I want this guy to like me?

okay What u do is You dress nice and look nice and stuff And then get the courage too ask him out or have a friend do it .. and if says no he's a jerk

What does it mean when a guy sometimes or always acts different around you every day like one day a jerk then sweet and mix match's it?

It depends. Has he acted like a jerk to you around his friends? if so he is trying to show off. If he is nice the next day his friends probably aren't around. Guys like being bipolar like that.

Is inuyasha a nice guy?

Inuyasha is a nice guy. He just mean as hell what i mean is that he can be nice when he want to be nice and he can be a jerk when he want to be one and he can be sweet when he also want to be one

Does having eye contact with a guy and quickly looking away work for him to notice you?

if the guy is a jerk then no but if he is a nice guy then usually

Is christian beadles a jerk?

Christian Is Like Justin Bieber..He's Nice but If Your Mean TO Him He'll be Mean Back Like a a Typical Guy Would.

Is paul McCartney a nice guy?

I've heard he's a pretty nice guy, but then again he may be a jerk sometimes. I don't really know.

You like this guy but he is a jerk to you what do you do?

Forget him. You all ready know he is a "jerk" and if you do begin a realtionship with him it can only get worse. He won't improve and you can't change him. Find a nice fellow to give your attention and love to.

How do you make a girl not think your a jerk?

To make a girl think you are not a jerk start by acting like a nice guy. Be yourself and be attentive and a good listener. Talk to the girl about things that interest her and be polite.

Do you forgive a guy who broke your heart?

Only if you really like that guy, but if he broke your heart many, many times then turns out he is probally just taking advantage of you.. But if he is a nice guy and not a jerk then you should(:

You like a guy and you said hi to him and briefly talked to him he seems nice should we be friends?

if you like him then yes be friends with him and if he turns out to be a jerk then don't be friends with him anymore

If there is a guy that acts like he likes you but he said you are ugly does he like you or not?

Sounds like a jerk...I would steer clear.~this is from a good looking guy~I agree i would not get in a relationship with a guy who call you uggly weather he is joking or not.He probably likes you but is afriad to tell you. Tell him you like him.

Why do girls go for jerks and not nice guys?

Girls like confidence, and the guy might be a jerk but he's secure with himself. Its because girls like dicks.... Get it? :D

Does a guy regret braking up with a girl that he said he loved a lot?

If you were a jerk, she will not. If you were nice, then maybe she will.

Will Isabella Walles Date you?

Isabella could possibly date you. it depends. She is nice but you can not get on her bad side or she will be mad and she won't talk to you at all. If you are a nice guy and truly like you she will. but if you are annoying and a jerk she won't.

When a guy you secretly like comes up to you and kisses you on the cheek does that mean he likes you or fooling with your mind?

If he's a nice guy it's because he likes you. If he's a jerk he's fooling with your mind.

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