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He could just be a big flirt

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โˆ™ 2006-04-06 20:41:55
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Q: Does a guy like you if he flirts with you a lot but didn't ask you out?
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If you have a major crush on a guy but your to shy to tell him you like him what should you do?

Well If you really like this guy don't stand by and let him get away if he flirts with you then ask him to a movie and if you got along then if he don't ask you out then ask him out.

If you write a guy a note would he like you?

depends if you like him then flirt a little don't write him a note . if he flirts back he likes you . then ask him out.

What to do when a girl you like kinda flirts with another guy?

She may have a slight, slight, crush on the boy. Ask her out and see what she says!

If I like this guy but I'm not sure if he likes me back and he flirts with other girls the same way he flirts with me does he like me?

Well if he flirts with other girls AND you, it's possible he's just being nice. I know a guy who flirted with me alot but it turned out he didn't really like me. So you never really know. Take a chance and ask him out. If he says no, move on.

When sister finds out a guy likes me she flirts with him and tries to get him to like her more if i ask her about it she will start insulting me it really hurts my feelings i dont like her as a person?

all u have to do is tell your sister to back off be brave and ask the guy out or hang out and then ask him out

How do you get your guy friend to ask you out when he flirts with you but says your just friends?

Lose weight.

How do you know when i guy wants to get with you?

you know when a guy want to get with you when he flirts around you and stirs you up a bit. but the main thing if you like him wait till he has the guts to ask you out don't let one of his mates ask you out, if that does happen he does not really like you.

You really like this guy and hes dating someone else but he still flirts with you what should you do?

Well you should tell the person he's dating that he flirts with you and get the girl to ask him why he does it. The guy might then admit he likes you and dump the girl. You can then ask him out but you should probably wait a week ish for the girls sake.

What do you do if the guy you like flirts with you but he flirts with lots of girls?

Flirt back he will eventually come to it and see that he likes you to

What should you do if the guy you like finds out that you like him and he flirts with you?

Go along with it.

What if a guy you like flirts with you but when you're gone your best friend tells you he flirts with her?

Well,it means exactly that he's a flirter and is not really an honest guy.

If a guy flirts with you does he like you?

yeah usually lol<3

Should you like a guy who flirts with you even though your ex best friend told you that he didnt like yoou?

YES !!! because your ex best friend is just mad at you so they will say stuff like that !

When a guy you like flirts with you everyday he sees you does that mean he likes you like you like him?


What if you are in sixth grade and this guy that flirts with her and he is a seventh grader?

If he does flirt with you 24.7 then ask his best friend to ask him if he likes you then make that he likes you then ask him out.

If like a girl but another guy flirts with her what do you do?

Tell the guy "hey dude stop hitting on my girl", then go and ask your lady out. It would be super daring and I think she would love you.

How do you know if a guy likes you if he flirts with a lot of girl?

Just Go Up To him And Ask Him Its Easy.(:

What if you like a girl that likes another guy but always flirts with you?

nothing. chances are, she flirts with alot of other boys too

Does a guy really like you if he knows you like him and he flirts with you and you flirt back?

hi I'm a guy just thought i would say be careful some guys do it to be friendly,but maybe you should just ask him,good luck.

What to do if a girl flirts with every guy?

When a girl flirts with every guy she just probably wants someone to like her. If she is popular it is probably because she is a hoe! If u like a guy and she is flirting with him you better act fast. That's only if she is popular!

What do you do when a guy flirts with you?

flirt with him back if you like him, if you dont than walk away

Does a guy like you if he says he doesn't like you but flirts with you?

It depends. Are you a whore? That's wrong, xDD

I like this guy and when its just me and him he is all over me but when it isn't just us he flirts but only when people aren't watching us. What should I do?

Find out if he likes you. If he does then ask him out.

What do you do if the guy you like flirts with you but your too shy to do much more then smile and giggle?

just do nothin the guy likes you

How do you know if a guy wants you to ask him out?

well if he flirts with you and talks or text you all the time or even if hes mean to you