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It means that the guy is socially inapproprate, doesn't know how to establish a relationship and is desperate for attention, ANY KIND of attention. Don't even tell this jerk what time it is. Guys tend to like girls, all girls. If you are willing to talk to them, they'll like you at least long enough to get in your pants. Hold out for someone with a little more intellect and personality.

2006-09-08 14:18:27
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How would you write trivial in a sentence?

"Don't bother me about trivial matters," said the teacher.

Can you give me a sentence using trivial in it?

Knowing trivia about subjects is not the same as being trivial. The teacher paid attention to trivial matters so much that he didn't notice the student copied wrong answers from the Internet.

What is the opposite trivial?


How could you use 'trivial' in a sentence?

"Don't bother me about trivial matters."Trivial, of course, meaning: "Of little importance" or "of little value."

How do you use 'trivial' in a sentence?

Bob was being trivial in the worse time possible.It was trivial to come up with a sentence for the vocabulary word.

What is trivial set?

The word trivial means "useless". So a trivial set would be a useless set.

Does any homogeneous system have nontrivial solution?

x+y=0 2x+2y=0 This homogeneous system has infinitely many non-trivial solutions. If you are looking for exactly one non-trivial solution, no such system exists. the system may or may not have non trivial solution. if number of variables equal to number of equations and given matrix is non singular then non trivial solution does not exist

Looking for easy trivial pursuit questions?

yes ---------------- Q: How many colors are there in the rainbow? A: More than the eye can see!

What part of speech is the word trivial?

Trivial is an adjective.

What is Trivial and Non Trivial Dependency?

Trivial functional dependencyA trivial functional dependency is a functional dependency of an attribute on a superset of itself. {Employee ID, Employee Address} → {Employee Address} is trivial, as is {Employee Address} → {Employee Address}.

When was Trivial Pursuit created?

Trivial Pursuit was created in 1979.

Give me a sentence with trivial in it?

The question seemed so trivial that I answered it casually. The search for a lost dog is no trivial pursuit.

How can you use the word trivial in a sentence?

We have many important cases. Your point is very Trivial.

What is a sentence with trivial in it?

It is far from trivial when you plagiarise sentences form the Internet.

What is the duration of Trivial film?

The duration of Trivial - film - is 1.72 hours.

What is the duration of Nothing Trivial?

The duration of Nothing Trivial is 2520.0 seconds.

What is non trivial functional dependency?

-->non trivial functional dependency is totally opposite to the trivial functional dependency. --> non trivial dependency means X-->Y that is if Y is not proper subset of X table or relation with X then it said to be non trivial functional dependency.

Use trivial in a sentence?

Easy: Use trivial in a sentence Jokes: Well, that's very trivial of you. (Basically means that very smart)

What does trivial means in a sentence?

Trivial means "of a negligible detail". Triviality is most noticeable when it occurs between two parties, one believing the trifle to be important, while the other finds it "trivial" or not important. If nobody notices a trivial detail, then it is essentially too trivial to even be called trivial (because it is a waste of mental effort). Things of a trivial sort include that last spec of chalk on the board when the teacher erases too quickly (which seems to get on a lot of people's nerves despite it really not being a big deal), or remembering what you ate on Tuesday 2 weeks ago. A lot of people with OCD, Autism/Asperger's and and some other mind-effecting conditions have an intense urge to satisfy trivial needs, most of which they acknowledge are pointless, but can't stop doing anyway. Things like chronic hand-washing, ordering objects by size/shape/color, having specific places for things that could just as easily go anywhere else, are all trivial details/actions.

One word for Trivial lie?

A trivial lie is also known as a fib.

What does adds a trivial amount of fat mean?

adds a trivial amount of Fat

What does tattoo on left arm mean?

NOTHING. it means you have a tattoo on your left arm. stop looking for meaning in trivial tattoo stuff. it just isn't there.

Is the trivial pursuit board game patented?

The Trivial Pursuit board games are patented.

What is Fulform of TFTP?

Trivial File Transfer Protocol orTrivial File Transfer Program

How do you put trivial in an simple sentence?

Finding a magazine at the grovery store was a trivial pursuit.