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It occurs to me that he may be extremely shy - too shy to start a conversation with you. IF you are really interested in him, you could try to chat to him and make things a little easier for the shy guy.

2006-07-19 21:40:57
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What does it mean when a boy stares at you when your not looking and stares into your eyes and is nice to you but he never talks to you and he has a girlfriend does he like you?

Yes He Does Likes You

He asked me out on a date but never called?

just forget about him. He's probably not interested in you.

What would you do if a dude you use 2 like a couple of years ago started talking to you and asked for your number but never called you?

ignore him Certainly no fool wait that much time

Why do you think a guy who you once liked stares at you constantly but told you a long time ago that he can't go there with you?

you planted a seed of knowledge in him and now your watching it grow. He probably never thought of the idea until you asked it to him.

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Does a guy likes you if he stares at you but never smile at you?

Yes can lie you and seem interested if he stares at you. Guys don't always have to smile at a girl they like. You will know a guy is interested if he looks or stares at you for more than 4 seconds.

What does it mean if a guy you never talked to stares at you a lot?

he havea crush on you , he like you.

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What does it mean when a girl calls you?

It depends in what situation, if you exchangeed numbers and she called you first that means she likes you a lot, if she called you out of the blue, and you never gave her your number, that means she is very eager. She must have asked your friends for your number, call her back, see where it goes from there. It means that she wishes to speak to someone at the number she dialed.

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What if a boy you've never talked to stares at you?

Ask him what hes staring at, if he doesn't answer ignore him.

What does it mean when the guy you like always stares at you but never talks to you?

he wants to talk but is intimidated by you

You know a guy who is interested in you but he never asked for your number Why?

He might not want to rush into things like relationships yet but you can still ask for his number

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Does the outgoing guy like your friend if he is overexcited when he says hi and stutters when he says something but he never stares at her?

yes...... this means the guy likes your friend.but if he never ever stares at her it can mean that the guy would just want to be friends with her for a reason. if he stares at her when no one notices him and does not stare at her when all are around...then that definetely means that the guy is crushing on your friend

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How do you know if a guy likes you if you have never spoken but you see him every Sunday at church and he just stares at you all the time?

It doesn't matter if you have never spoken. He likes you, if he stares at you like you said, he likes you. You should talk to him and maybe go on a date or something.

What if your guy friend asked for your number but never texted you?

Well mabe he wants u to make the first move.

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You could only find the LCM of a PAIR of numbers.

What is up with a guy who tells he likes you but never asked for your number?

Maybe he doesn't have a phone? Why don't you just give him your number, instead of making him ask.

He stares at me and remembers me from intermediate .Does he like me?

Usually it can mean that he does. But you never know if he is spaced out or something .

How come a guy gives you his number but never calls you?

Well apparently Guys believe its the girls job to contact them these days. I know this cause i asked a guy why he never called me and he said cause its the girls job and so did all his friends. I know its not fact but yea :)

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confront your husband about it. maybe she's related to him and you probably never met her. maybe its a girl friend and your husband erased the call back message or maybe he asked a friend to call to see how u would react.