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Does a guy like you if he stares at you a lot and tries to get your attention by calling your name or yelling hey to you across the street?


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Unless you are shy I think this guy is doing everything he can to get your attention short of waving a huge American flag in front of you. LOL Give the poor guy a break and the next time he says "hey" then yell back, "Hey what?" Nature will take it's course from there and you can get to know him and either decide you like him or not. Good luck Marcy


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This guy probably does like you if he's always trying to get your attention all the time. Making loud noises and always calling your name probably means that this guy has a crush on you. He wants you to notice him and he's doing everything he can to make that happen. Viola

When someone stares at you, it means something is going on his mind about you. Something is catching his attention.

They are either, interested in you, trying to get your attention or there might be a little malfunction in your wardrobe if you catch my meaning.

He thinks you're cute and wants to get your attention

Well a girl definitely wants you attention if she stares at you alot, makes fun of you, or tries to make conversation with you.

If your Dog stares at you it is because your dog loves you and is gazing at you. If its no that then your either doing something weird or calling him/her :)

it means that he's constantly paying attention to you and that he likes you.

my concern is my baby stares up most of the time. even when i am in front of him trying to get his attention.

Well, it's either she likes you, or you look funny. But most girls stare at a guy to get his attention.

no it doesnt neccessarily but it could mean that he likes you.He just wants to get your attention and for you to notice you.

It's kind of obvious but yes he likes you. If a guy stares at you a lot and faces in your general direction then he probably likes you.

call the cops on the abuser, tell the abuser, and when he/she make just stares at you laugh like a maniac. You will be the center of attention in ur bf/gfs eyes.

It means he's trying to get your attention in the hopes that you'll be impressed with his immature display. If you don't just shoot him down and wound his ego, given a little time, he may be able to approach you like a human.

Stares and stairs are homophones, not homonyms.

Yes, it could mean he thinks your attractive but also because he wants to get your attention and maybe give a signal that he likes you?

He probably likes you. He thinks you're pretty and stares at you. He wants to hear your clear voice and says hi to you OR wants to get your attention. ^^

cos some are shooting stars and comets! and stars move around

Stares and stairs and stirs

He's probably nervous or jealous. He really wants yours undivided attention, but he doesn't know what to do with it once he has it.

If he stares at you continuously and then says hi. But not in a creepy way, in a calm, friendly way. Because in a creepy way he's desperate. And you don't want a creepy desperate guy getting your attention.

Keep doing what you are doing, it's obviously drawing his attention. When HE is ready HE will do something.

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