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This guy is simply full of himself and is like a kid in a candy shop. Tell this guy to smarten up the next time he makes references to you regarding sex. He is simply "a jerk!"


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I am usually laid back when I flirt. My voice tends to get deep too. I always spend a lot of the conversation just complimenting the female I and talking to.

Eeyore tends to be by himself a lot of the time, I don't think he has a best friend but perhaps Pooh.

Alot of Gay people are very forward with their sexuality. Just buy him a drink , and flirt its the best thing! My brother is gay and he goes to gay bars, and tends to pick up quite a lot of guys by being forward with them :)

Connotation refers to the feelings or emotions associated with a word. The word friend tends to evoke feelings of happiness, excitement, and trustworthiness.

Usually your best friend tends to be your mate however, we do also have other bestfriends. If you are asking if your current best friend is going to be your husband that would depend on the two of you and time will tell.

That would depend on how you both feel and if you want to then that would be up to you but normally when that happens your friend tends to no longer want to be your friend so you might have to choose who matters to you more, your friend or the guy.

Okay the best thing to do is flirt!!! Don't do the Stupid perverted flirting (grabbing his butt, penis etc). Do the traditional twirl your hair etc. Just basically show an interest. Get to know him. One thing to keep in mind is, DO NOT get your friend to tell him you like him!! This tends to turn guys off, like you do not really like them.

Obierika reacts to Okonkwo as a friend. Occasionally we see Obierika's subtle harshness when he rebukes his friend, though Obierika tends to be a thoughtful yet proud man.

It tends to be very affordable if you're willing to buy a generic product. Just be careful not to breathe it in.

Most likely no. Japanese humor tends to be more subtle, and outright sexual/offensive jokes are a no-no. If you want to use English humor, why not publish in an English-speaking country?

It usually depends how he acts around you if he's nervous or he tends to smile alot and he stares at you then looks away then maybe

depends on the guy.... im i guy who tends to get shy, and cant get the guts to flirt or somthin. Try to make a move. If he doesnt react in a good way, keep your distance... SCOTT FALKNER

There really is not much difference between a best buddy and a best friend. They really mean the same thing. However best buddy tends to be used more by men, while best friend is more commonly used by women.

Sounds odd that if you are a best friend to her, that when other people are around she tends to ignore you. Are you just a friend of convienence for her when its good for her? I would take myself over to where she is in the crowd and approach her as you would when your hanging with her elsewhere and see how she acts to you. If she still ignores you and doesnt include you or introduce you to others, then you have your answer, she's using you...Find better friends.

The Tempature Along The Equator Tends to be Hot.

Nonmetals tends to gain electrons.

Metals tends to lose electrons.

Hercule Poirot loves grooming his mustache. He tends to be very arrogant as well. He also has a habit of saying mon frere (my friend in french). I hope I helped

Mahima-sensei the creator of fairytail tends to ship natsu x lucy and jella x erza

No gender based difference. Generally man tends to long term planning and tends to overview picture while woman tends to short term planning and tends to detailed picture.

It depends on the fan base you are looking for. Dragonball Z tends to cater to a slightly younger audience. The subject matter and jokes in Dragonball are less mature, and the characters are a little tamer, although there is still a good deal of fighting. Bleach sometimes has more mature jokes, more exposed cleavage and thigh in characters, and the fighting is a bit more graphic. Dragonball Z tends to lean towards science fiction with alien or robot type enemies. Bleach leans more towards fantasy, and people's souls are at times consumed by demons. Bleach would be better suited for teens and up.

Thanksgiving Day tends to be associated with family and friends. It tends to be associated with good food and catch-up conversations. It tends to be associated with homes. It tends to be associated with the last free day before the flurry of Christmas and New Year's Eve celebration preparations and shopping. It tends to be associated with photographs. It tends to be associated with time off from work. It tends to be associated with weather that may be the last warm days before the cooler days of December and the winter months.

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