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hi I'm a guy just thought i would say be careful some guys do it to be friendly,but maybe you should just ask him,good luck.

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Q: Does a guy really like you if he knows you like him and he flirts with you and you flirt back?
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What do do you do when you fancy the school flirt but he goes out with someone else who you find VERY annoying but still flirts a lot with other girls?

Flirt back who knows , you might score.

How do you get the boy that you like to like you?

You can flirt with the boy and see if he flirts back. If he flirts back he probably A) Likes you or B) just likes to flirt with people. But the most important thing you can do is BE YOURSELF!!!

What do you do if the guy you like flirts with you but he flirts with lots of girls?

Flirt back he will eventually come to it and see that he likes you to

How does Juliet respond when romeo begins to flirt with her?

she flirts back.

What do you do when a guy flirts with you?

flirt with him back if you like him, if you dont than walk away

What do you do when the girl knows you like him?

if a girl knows you like her, chances are she will flirt back. if she doesnt flirt back...move on, she isn't interested!

What to do when the guy you like flirts with you but your to shy to do more than blush and smile?

Then flirt back. You should pluck up the courage to flirt back. Flirting is fun.

How do you know if a guys likes you but one of your friends said that her friend said that he likes her?

have a friend ask him for you if he really likes you...or you could flirt with him and see if he flirts back.

What do you do if a guy flirts with you?

You should try to flirt back if u like him... If not then confront him and tell him what he is doing...

Your friend told your crush you like him but he just flirts what should you do?

Flirt back and make him want you.

As a bisexual girl i flirt with another girl and she is straight but flirts back?

She may be bi-curious

How do you get a family friend guy to like you?

Flirt a lot and spend alone time with him and see if he flirts back

I really like this girl but i don't know if she likes me that much how can i talk to her please help?

flirt with her.if you like somebody don't flirt with anybody else.that way she gets the hint you like her and not just flirting to flirt. if she flirts back she likes you. talk to her by starting a conversation about something random and that will build up more conversations. if your not good friends with her get to no her and invite her out sometime! she will really begin to like you and no how you feel about her. all you have to do is just be yourself and that's all you can do. If she flirts you should flirt back that would get her attention. well hope this helped! GOOD LUCK!

What does it mean if a guy flirts then stops?

when a guy flirts with you then stops either means hes playing with you, he wants you to flirt now or he liked you then he found another person who is flirting back .

How do you know if a boy loves me?

flirt with him and if he flirts back keep on doing it and if he likes u he will ask u out. if he doesn't respond to it or he ignores u DONT FLIRT BACK because he doesn't like u

What to do when you ask out your crush doesnt care and says no but still flirts with you?

i say flirt back a little but not too much

What do you do if you like this boy in middle school and he flirts with you but has a girlfriend?

If you like him and the girl friend is not one of your friends, flirt back.

How can you tell weather a person who flirts naturally actually likes you in particular What are the signs?

well if the person flirts with you more or flirts with other ppl less then probaly just flirt with the person back and see what happens good luck!!!

What to do if someone who is already taken flirts with you constantly?

The answer to this question depends on a few things. Do you like this person? If you do then flirt back. Do you like their mate? If you do than flirt back anyway. Does this person have any diseases? This one is up to you.

What do you do when a cute guy flirts with you?

Flirt back like their is no tomorrow (but at the same time you don't want to make a fool of yourself

How do you make it easy for guy to approach you?

If I were you. I'd approach the guy. Flirt! If he accepts it and flirts back maybe he is interested.. If he accepts the appealing words, but does not flirt back. You may wanna look for another guy

Should you flirt on a girl if she has a boyfriend?

It really depends. If her boyfriend is your friend, or you are just trying to make another girl jelous, it really isn't worth all the trouble. On the other hand, if you accually like this girl, you can flirt with her but only if she flirts back. If she doesn't, than leave her be or just accept that you two arejust friends.

What does it mean when your crush tells you he knows you like him and he smiles when he tells you What is that mean?

He likes you back!! He knows and if he flirts he is head over heels for you!!

If you write a guy a note would he like you?

depends if you like him then flirt a little don't write him a note . if he flirts back he likes you . then ask him out.

Why does a girl still flirt with you her knowing you like her and she already has a boyfriends?

she still flirts with because she is probably trying to make her boyfriend jealous... or get him back for something he did.

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