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Does a guy really love you if you are 13 and he calls you once a week and asks if you love him and says he loves you a lot?

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2009-03-01 02:49:05

No. Reason it out. You are thirteen years old. What could this

guy want from you besides you know what. No, you're 13 years old

and if this guy works from 5 AM to 5 PM he is obviously 18 or

older. Too old for a girl your age. No, he doesn't love you. Has he

asked to have sex with you? Say no if he ever does because it's a

criminal act. That would be breaking the law and he can be charged

for "Statutory Rape." i'm a guy and i know guys. he loves you ~Nick

Nack~ If he truly loved you, he would leave you alone and let you

be a teenageer as long as you are able. There is nothing great or

special about growing up and growing old. At your age you are in

such a hurry to do all those things that adults do, but once you

get to being an adult you will look back and wish that your

adolescence had lasted longer. Yo only have 5 more years of

adolescence left and then it's 60+ YEARS of being an adult

responsible for everything everyone else does and raising your own

kids. Enjoy your teenage years while you can and don't worry about

love right now. Love is a terrifc thing, don;t get me wrong, but

you have plenty of time for that later. Right now - go teepee

someone;s house, hang out with your friends, and shop at the mall.

I really doubt it. Be very careful.

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