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No. Reason it out. You are thirteen years old. What could this guy want from you besides you know what. No, you're 13 years old and if this guy works from 5 AM to 5 PM he is obviously 18 or older. Too old for a girl your age. No, he doesn't love you. Has he asked to have sex with you? Say no if he ever does because it's a criminal act. That would be breaking the law and he can be charged for "Statutory Rape." i'm a guy and i know guys. he loves you ~Nick Nack~ If he truly loved you, he would leave you alone and let you be a teenageer as long as you are able. There is nothing great or special about growing up and growing old. At your age you are in such a hurry to do all those things that adults do, but once you get to being an adult you will look back and wish that your adolescence had lasted longer. Yo only have 5 more years of adolescence left and then it's 60+ YEARS of being an adult responsible for everything everyone else does and raising your own kids. Enjoy your teenage years while you can and don't worry about love right now. Love is a terrifc thing, don;t get me wrong, but you have plenty of time for that later. Right now - go teepee someone;s house, hang out with your friends, and shop at the mall. I really doubt it. Be very careful.

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2009-03-01 02:49:05
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How do you know when your boyfriend really does like you?

You know your boyfriend really likes you when # He's willing to share every moment with you # He's happy enough just to hold you # He never pressures you into having sex # He lets you move at your own pace # he asks you your oppinoin before doing something (like going out with the guys) # He calls just to say I love you # AND you really know when he loves you when he asks you to marry him

What is true love really?

true love is if someone really loves you and you really love them.

What does it mean when a guy calls you my love?

that means he loves u

What is he really trying to tell you when he tells you that he loves you and has feelings for you but does not answer your text or calls for weeks?

he wants you to make the first move and tell him you love him too!

What does it mean if a British guy calls you his love?

it probably means he loves you?

If a girl asks you if you love someone she loves you?

Not necessarily, but that is a very likely meaning.

When a guy asks if you love him does that mean he loves you?

No. How a person TREATS YOU indicates how he feels about you.

If he tells you he loves you and even tells his ex girlfriend he loves you when she asks if he even likes you does he really mean that he loves you or is he lying?

Because a boy says he loves you doesnt always mean he loves you. That doesnt mean that he doesnt THINK he loves you and it could just be puppy love but if even tells his ex girlfiend that he does love you, then I wouldn't worry about anything. He's totally into you!

Does Luke love Annabeth?

Luke's love for Annabeth is considered to be a sister/brother love. Luke asks in The Last Olympian if Annabeth loves him and she says that she loves him like a brother.

Is lorraine in love with valentin?

She loves him !!! She really really really loves him !!!! And they will get married and live happily ever after !!!

How can you know if someone loves you too?

They will start flirting with you and if the love of your life asks you to go out with one of his mates then it really means he likes you! Also if you and the boy are invited to a party and he asks you if you are going to be there it means that he is only going if you are.

How much does you boyfriend love you?

he should tell he loves you if he really loves you

When the guy want you to tell him you are in love with him that mean he loves you or not?

If a young man has told you he loves you and asks if you love him then tell him the truth. If he has not told you he loves you, but wants you to tell him you love him then is controlling and full of his own ego. Let him make the first move and while you are waiting and if he asks you again say, 'I haven't quite made my mind up yet.'

Who is vector love?

In some story's he loves espionage but really he loves vanilla

If a girl tells you she loves you but then calls it friendly love does she really mean she loves you?

Girls will say such things all the time. If a Girl says she loves you, unless you know that there is emotion behind what that she said, it either means thanks a lot or it is just a complement. Don't get over excited or worried about it. Now the girl may really "Love" you, but generaly it is nothing. Just a thank you or a complement.

What if you show a guy your nice and hes speechless what does it mean?

He really loves you. I mean really loves you. I really love this guy and i get speechles.

You want a relationship with your boyfriend you just am not sure if you love him anymore?

just love him back .He for sure loves you.

How do you tell if this married woman really loves you?

It isalways impossible to tell if somebody really loves you. And also - what is love?

How do you tell if a guy is really in love with you?

If a guy really loves you, he will do anything for you. Anything. Just like, if you really love him, you will do anything for him.

How do you now if a boy loves you?

if he loves me i really love him if he listen to me and giving him instructions that will be goodboy.

What does it really mean when your spouse tells you that she loves you but she is not love with you?

it means that she cares about you and she loves you as a person, but to be in love is a way bigger step.

If a girl tells you she loves you but then calls it friendly love does she really love me?

She may have said she loves you but without getting the response she may have hoped for she changed it out of embarassment or she may love you but only as a friend and no more. You will have to talk to her concerning this to find out just exactly what she means and you will have to share how you feel whether it be the same or just friends.

I met a guy who says he loves me and is always very affectionate but rarely calls me when we're not together. Does he really love me?

Sure he does. He just isn't the one to talk on the phone.

How can a person that loves you hurt you?

They won't . . . if they really love you.

Does it mean that the guy that you like loves you if your best friend asks him if he likes you and he says ohi love her?