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Sounds like his pride is getting in the way. Or he is afraid that his friends will make fun of him.

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Q: Does a guy really miss you after a break-up and why can't he just be honest and tell the truth because you can tell he misses you but he doesn't smile or say anything to you?
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When a boy kiss you on the neck what that mean?

to be honest it doesnt mean anything, he just wants to feel you up. lol. =')

What to do when you're facing a breakup with your girlfriend?

Talk it out. Its always best to be honest!

How do you breakup with your hair stylist?

Just start seeing a new one? You don't really need to do anything more than that. If he or she calls and asks why you left, at least be honest, because apparently there is something that they haven't been doing right :(

Why girls cheat the guys who are honest with them?

Well....i personally am a women and would not cheat on a guy who was honest with me but a few reasons a girl might cheat on an honest man is because, she isnt satisfied, maybe she is cheating on you because she likes this guy and doesnt have the guts to tell you or break up with you.

Should you tell him you love him?

yes, because you wouldn't be keepin anything from him and you will be bein honest with him and your expressing your fellings to him

How can you break up with your girlfriend with hurting her feelings?

Someones feelings will always be hurt during a breakup. Just be honest with her, she will be ok.

Wt to wear this Diwali for gal's?

you shouldn't wear anything this Diwali because that's this years trend. honest.

What do you do if he knows you like him?

ask him if he feels the same. then if he does ask him out. if he doesnt, at least he was honest.

What government was best to live under?

to be honest it's better to live under a democracy because you can do anything and its a free land

How do you have that will power to cope with breakup with ex bf if hes being honest saying that he cant be with you but still has feelings and why doesnt he admit it?

I don't think it's a question of willpower, but more the determination to get through the breakup, realizing that time will pass and eventually you'll look back on this as just a memory. But it can be even more frustrating and confusing if the guy is giving you mixed signals (which it sounds like he is doing). Let him know that you need a straight answer from him, "Do you want to be with me or not? I have to know." If he says no or anything related to no, then let him go and move on with your life. I know it's not easy, but it can be done and is done by millions of people.

Has Mother Teresa done anything honest?

Yes, she has.

How do you break up with a man you have been with for 5 years?

You have to be honest, but don't go into great detail (pouring salt into an open wound.) You have your reasons for wanting to breakup with him, so communicate why you want to breakup and move on. He is going to be hurt, but he will survive and find someone else.

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