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Q: Does a hermaphrodite menstruate?
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Do hermaphrodite menstruate?

YES Because they have functioning ovaries.

Do hermaphrodite have ovaries?

hermaphrodite DO NOT have ovaries

Can Islam menstruate?

yes, if you are a girl, you menstruate.

What part of speech is hermaphrodite?

Hermaphrodite is a noun.

What is a hermaphrodite and sequential hermaphrodite?

A hermaphrodite is an organism with both male and female reproductive organs. A sequential hermaphrodite, however, is an organism that changes sex during their life.

What is another hermaphrodite?

A 'typical' hermaphrodite would be an earthworm.

How many pages does The Hermaphrodite have?

The Hermaphrodite has 208 pages.

What is the diffrence between a maphrodite and hermaphrodite?

"Hermaphrodite" is in the dictionary and "maphrodite" isn't. "Morphodite" is listed as a colloquial mangling of "hermaphrodite."

Is Megan Fox hermaphrodite?

She was a hermaphrodite but she had surgery and turned into a woman

Do you say il or elle for a hermaphrodite?

Un hermaphrodite (masculine noun).

Does a guinea pig menstruate?

Thankfully, female guinea pig don't menstruate.

How long do female guinea pigs menstruate and how often?

Guinea pigs do not menstruate.

How much time a man can menstruate one day?

man dont menstruate

Why do some women fail to menstruate?

No women fail to menstruate. It comes naturally.

What are the signs and symptoms of hermaphrodite?

There are no signs and symptoms of a hermaphrodite as it is a physical condition and not a disease.

Is Shia LaBeouf a hermaphrodite?

No, Shia LaBeouf is not a hermaphrodite or otherwise known as intersexed.

What is the difference between unisexual and hermaphrodite?

unisexual have a sex, and hermaphrodite have two sexs.

Does an animal menstruate?

Animals don't menstruate. They have an estrous cycle. Often mistaken for periods.

What is the difference in a hermaphrodite and an eunuch?

eunuch are born with no sexual organs but hermaphrodite is born with both.

How many pages does Journal of a Sad Hermaphrodite have?

Journal of a Sad Hermaphrodite has 165 pages.

Is a transgender woman a hermaphrodite?

No. A Hermaphrodite is an animal with both male and female sex organs.

Do Geckos menstruate?

No they do not.

Do sheep menstruate?


Do hedgehogs menstruate?

No, they do not.

Do trans women menstruate?

No, transwomen do not have uteruses or ovaries. Transwomen cannot menstruate or bear children.