Does a hernia move

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Some hernias do move. Consult your doctor.

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Q: Does a hernia move
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What is another term meaning diaphragmatic hernia?

"hiatal hernia" and "hiatus hernia"

Do you have a hernia?

No I do not have a hernia.

How do you us hernia in a sentence?

you have hernia

How serious can a hernia be?

Under certain circumstances, such as a strangulated hernia, a hernia could be fatal.

What is another name for a hiatal hernia?

A hiatal hernia can also be called a diaphragmatic hernia.

What is the medical term meaning hernia of the diaphragm?

A hernia of the diaphragm is called a diaphragmatic hernia.

What is hernia in German?

Hernia is in German "Leistenbruch"

How do you say Hernia in vietnamese?

What is hernia in Vietnamese

What diseases did Muhammad Ali have?

hernia && parkinsons disease hernia && parkinsons disease A hernia is not a disease

What is the medical term meaning Hernia of the urethral wall?

Urethrocele is a hernia of the urethral wall.Hernia urethralis

What hernia has the greatest potential for herniation?

inguinal hernia

Diaphragmatic hernia is also know as?

thoraoabdominal hernia

What are the types of hernia?

The different kinds of hernia are listed below: * Congenital hernia: occur in babies, present from birth. * Inguinal hernia: common in sportsmen, involves part of the bowel protrudibng into the groin * Hiatus hernia: involves the stomach, where it enters the chest cavity via the hiatus. * Incarcerated hernia: where the hernia has swollen up. * Reducible hernia: one that can be manipulated back into place easily, much like a dislocated joint can be repositioned with relative ease. * Irreducible hernia: can't be returned to its original position without surgical intervention. * Strangulated hernia: potentially fatal, as it means the bood supply has been cut off by the hernia. There are even more types, each with their own subtle variations. These can be viewed from the link. [source: adapted from First Aid, by Geddes and Grosset]

Is hernia surgery important?

it depends how serious the hernia is......a friend of my dads had a hernia for years and it didnt bother him at all......whereas i have a hernia in my stomach and im actually getting surgery on it depends on the person and the severity of the hernia really

Is hernia a chronic disease or condition?

Hernia is almost always a chronic disease. At times hernia can have acute onset.

What other hernia can appear as if it were an inguinal hernia?

A femoral hernia is another type of hernia that appears in the groin, occurring when abdominal organs and tissue press through the femoral ring.

What is the medical term meaning hernia of the urinary bladder?

Cystocele is the term meaning hernia of the bladder.Hernia of urinary bladder is known as sliding hernia. This hernia occurs when an organ drags along part of peritoneum,or ,in other words,the organ is a part of the hernia sac.The colon and urinary bladder are often involved. the term also frequently refers to sliding hernia of the stomach.

Can dogs get a hernia?

Yes dogs can get hernia when there usually born

What is the medical term meaning hernia of the colon?

Inguinal hernia

When a hernia can be returned to the abdominal cavity it is called what?

Reducible Hernia

What is the medical term meaning Intestinal Hernia?

inguinal hernia

What if your puppy has a hernia?

My puppy has a hernia and she acts great. If your puppy has a hernia, when you get it fixed so it can't have babies, the vet will fix it!

What is the medical term meaning entrapment of a bowel loop in a hernia?

A strangulated hernia is one in which the bowel loop is trapped in a hernia.

What is the name of hernia on testicles?

Inguinal hernia. The previous poster to this answer was incorrect. A hernia that extends from the abdomen into the scrotum is called an inguinal hernia, while a hiatal hernia is one where the top part of the stomach pokes through the hole in the diaphragm where the esophagus goes.

Why hernia is more common in males?

Your question is wrong as there are various types of hernia . Males have inguinal hernia which can't occur in females .On the other hand females have femoral hernia not present in males .