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Probably not-- she's in a "new home," get a new policy.-- Renter's Insurance is generally cheap and easy to come by. Dorms are different, however, and I'm not sure how they equate.

The most common homeowner's policy is the standard HO-3. Under the section listing covered perils for contents, theft is listed. Regarding theft, it states the following, "Property of a student who is an "insured" is covered while at a residence away from home if the student has been there at any time during the 45 days immediately before the loss." For other covered perils, such as fire, there is no such limitation. The only question is whether or not the student qualifies as an "insured". To be an "insured", the student would need to be a resident of your household who is a relative. Therefore, if the student still spends some part of the year, such as the summer, in your household, they would qualify as an insured. If they stay at school year round, they might not qualify as an "insured".

Using the above quote from the HO-3 form... if you want them to be insured... have them come home every 45 days.

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Q: Does a homeowners' policy cover a daughter at college in an apartment?
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