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No, a landline phone bill doesn't show incoming numbers, blocked or otherwise.


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The extra phone numbers might have been the incoming calls.

An incoming call is a phone you that you receive when someone calls your phone.

It's rare for any phone bill to show incoming calls - the purpose of the bill is to charge you for outgoing calls ! If my bill listed all my incoming calls - the phone company would need a forklift to deliver it !

It usually shows up as Blocked ID or Unavailable.

Yes, *67 does show on a phone bill. It will be listed in the charges on your phone bill just as regular phone numbers will be listed.

No you can't because once u call someone it automatically in the phone bill

SIR, I WANT TO KNOW MY TELEPHONE BILL DETAIL i.e. INCOMING & OUTGOING CALLS OF MY LANDLINE PHONE . MY PHONE NO. IS 0422-2423415 I will be very much obliged to you if you find a solution to my problem.Thanking you. Yours faithfully, KrishnaKumar

It shouldn't, but it's been known to happen.

Destination blocked is a message one can receive when attempting to reach a number that is blocked from the phone you are using. This often appears on phones where premium texting, or texts that attach an additional charge to your phone bill, are blocked and one attempts to text a premium service.

Check your phone bill or see if your phone company supports on-line records. If so, check on-line. NOTE: The original phone number listed in the question is from a hotel in St. Louis. There may be a privacy violation here.

No, it'll say Blocked, Unavailable, Unknown, Withheld, or Private.

yes it will show up on your bill is your dial numbers come on your bill.

Cell phone carriers do not show text messages on their phone bill. Most cell phone carriers will only show the phone numbers of the sent and received messages.

That depends on what you mean. On the phone that is making the call, and on that person's phone bill, the call will show up at the time in the time zone from which the call was placed. The phone of the person receiving the call, and that person's phone bill (if, for example, you pay for incoming calls on a cellphone), will show the call at the time it was received.

If you know who they are you can use the white pages or a phone book. If not, then you can look at your phone bill and check the incoming call log. You can also occasionally find this kind of information on the internet by looking at an online phone book.

Maybe not. On Cingular it lists it as your own number as an incoming call (IC) meaning it was not recorded. Confusing ain't it?

Get a fully-itemised bill. It will show ALL outgoing calls.

It's a german number: 0176 29657593

well, bob, i can see 10 numbers, an asterisk, and an ambersand

Before the cell phone becomes popular, when we use block numbers or private, it will show on a monthly statement, but now they dont because of "Privacy Act" law. So if your wondering how the find the number, the only way is by texting your own cell phone from the blocked number.

That depends on the plan or package that you have selected when buying a phone or renewing a contract.

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