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Yes, he leaves the cubs and the mother. But, he does protect the cubs if they need it. He also help with the hunting.

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How many babies can a Bengal tiger have?

A bengal tiger can have up to 6 cubs a year

How many babies can a white Bengal tiger have?


How long is the incubation period for a Bengal tiger?

A bengal tiger cub stays with their mother for about 1 year or less. They don't have an incubation period.

Do tigers have a greater amount of babies than Bengal tigers?

Bengal tigers are a species of tigers, and I think the limit of how many tiger cubs a tiger can get in one litter is 5.

How does a white Bengal tiger reproduce?

Well, if you want the tiger to still be white, it has to breed with its mother, or sister, or any relation. But if you don't mind, it can just reproduce with a normal Bengal tiger.

How does the mother of the Bengal tiger take care of her cubs?

No clue sorry

Did Tiger Woods mother have other children?

Tiger Woods' mother Kultida Woods had no other children.

How many babies does a Bengal tiger have when she gives birth?

The Bengal tigress normally has two to four, sometimes more, cubs in a litter.

What differences are there between a Bengal tiger and a Bengal tiger cub?

Well Bengal tiger cubs are baby bengal tigers.

What are tiger breeds?

Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, White Bengal tiger.

How is a Bengal tiger different from a normal tiger?

A Bengal tiger is a species of tiger, as is the Amur tiger.

What is the common name of the Bengal tiger?

Common names are: Bengal tiger, Royal Bengal tiger, Indian tiger, Shere Khan.

What does a Bengal tiger drink?

Bengal tigers drink mainly water, apart from very young cubs, they suckle from their mother.

How many babies does a Bengal tiger have at once?

Normally litter size is two to four cubs.

What do the Bengal tiger babies look like?

Just as the parents but with more stripes for camouflage reasons.

Bengal tiger vs African lion?

The African lion, because lions are the king of the beast.

Sleep Bengal tiger?

what is the sleeping pattern of the bengal tiger?

What is the classification of Bengal tiger?

Mammal the Bengal tiger is a mammal.

Is a Bengal tiger a marsupial?

No. A Bengal tiger is a placental mammal.

What does Bengal in Bengal Tiger mean?

The "Bengal" in "Bengal Tiger" refers to an area in Asia. Roughly, it is the area of Bangladesh.

What is between Bengal tigers and a normal tiger?

The Bengal tiger is the biggest tiger from all.

What will win a Royal Bengal Tiger or a Siberian Tiger?

A Royal Bengal Tiger will win!!!!!

What is a male Bengal tigers called?

A male Bengal tiger is called a male Bengal tiger!!!

What is the scientific name for the Bengal tiger?

The Bengal Tiger, or Royal Bengal Tiger(Panthera Tigris Tigris or Panthera Tigris bengalensis).

What is a young Bengal tiger called?

What is a young Bengal tiger called? It is called a young Bengal tiger.