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YES, Especially if he just got out of prison =)

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What does being sexually active mean?

sexually active means someone who has had sex.

What type of food can make you sexually active?

There are no foods that can make someone sexually active.

Is it normal for your vagina to always be wet?

I do not believe so. You must always be horny or getting aroused at someone or something. If this is so, you must be very sexually active or just maybe sexually anxious. If you are still wet you must be in the shower.

Can you tell if someone is sexually active from a blood test?

It is possible to tell if someone is sexually active from a blood test. This will be done in addition to other clinical tests so as to be certain.

Is it normal if a female gets wet without even being sexually active?

The vagina is always moist and sometimes a bit more then that. It's perfectly normal and often tied to our cycle. You can also be aroused without being sexually active.

Can you get gonorrhea if you aren't sexually active?

No. U can not not u can only attract an "STD" if u are sexually active and is having sexual intercourse with someone who has the disease. That is y it is called an SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE.

Does a doctor know if your sexually active?

They can know. Running tests and stuff for STDs can tell them if you are sexually active. Sometimes they will ask if you aer sexually active, and you should be honest because doctor's are only trying to help. Otherwise, there might be signs found in private areas that can give away if someone is sexually active but I'm not sure about that.

What can do to help someone that is not sexually active?

Why do they need help? If you mean help them to become sexually active, that's really not your responsibility! People will become sexually active when they are ready to, and rushing them will harm them instead of help. Falling in love will help a person become sexually active. If you can get them to say I'm in love with you sex will be next and it will come easier and on a regular basis.

Was Mozart sexually active?

Mozart was a sexually active man he had a PENIS!!!

Which animal is the most sexually active?

The Bonobo chimpanzees are the reputed to be sexually active frequently.

Can a person get a STD even though their not sexually active?

No, a person will not get a STD if they are not sexually active.

What does put out mean?

It means have sex. If you "put out," then you are sexually active and will "give" sex "out" to someone else.

Are Turkish men sexually active?

The population of Turkey continues to increase. From that, we can at least infer that someone is.

How do you spell vergin?

The likely word is virgin (unspoiled, untouched, or someone not yet sexually active).

Was Albert Einstein sexually active?

Yes. In fact he was extremely active. He was by far the most sexually active scientist of his time.

Why do you need to pee when turned on?

This is because the same group of muscles (pelvic muscles) that control urination are also active when sexually aroused. This is why some women pee or feel like doing so when they have an orgasm.

How many teens are sexually active?

Nearly 3 of every 10 Teenagers are sexually active according to MSNBC

Is it a must for one to be sexually active?

It is not essential to be sexually active. Many people have remained celibate throughout their life.

Can you use tampons if you are not sexually active?

Yes, you can use tampons if you are not sexually active.Being sexually active means engaging in sexual activities that would potentially put you at risk from STD's and unintended pregnancy, that has no relation to whether or not you can use tampons. The idea that virgins cannot use tampons is false because there is absolutely no difference between the vagina of someone who is a virgin and that of someone who has had sex, sex doesn't change the vagina.

Is 13 too young to be sexually active?

Being somewhat sexually active at 13 is fairly common.It's too young to try and find other guys/girls who are sexually active though.

What is the most common STD in young sexually active females?

The most common sexually transmitted disease in young sexually active girls is HPV or genital warts.

How common is genital hpv?

Most adults acquire their first infection with genital HPV shortly after they become sexually active. It's unusual to find someone who is sexually active but goes through life without ever being exposed to HPV.

Can a cervical cancer screening see if your a virgin?

No. But since cervical cancer is caused by a sexually transmitted virus, cervical screening is usually only recommended for someone who has been sexually active.

Was Michael Jackson sexually active?

no he was not

Why are teens sexually active?


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