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Does a meteor or a meteorite hit earth?


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A meteor is the glowing streak of light caused when a space rock passes through the Earth's atmosphere and is heated to incandescence by compressive heating and friction. Usually, this either vaporizes the rock or causes it to explode. If any fragments survive the fall and strike the Earth, they are called meteorites.


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A falling star is a meteor. A meteorite is a meteor that has hit the ground.

Meteors have hit Earth and meteorites haven't.

Very high. On average a meteorite will hit the ground once a day.

The bit that remains to hit the earth is called a meteorite.

This kind of meteor is called a meteorite.

Meteorites are just meteors that have hit earth. It becomes a meteorite when it enters the atmosphere.

It is called a meteor impact.

A meteor in space is called a meteor. When it reaches earth its a meteorite.

It is called a meteorite.

Correction! Actually a meteor that impacts the Earth is called a meteorite

A meteorite! hey here is a joke! if a meteor that hits is a meteorite what do you call one that misses? a meteorworong!

A meteorite. Most scientists believe that a meteorite formed the Barringer Crater. There is a difference between a meteor and a a meteorite. A meteorite is a meteor that has hit the earth's surface.

meteorite is a space rock still in space while meteor is a space rock that hit some planet.

When a meteor remnant survives and strikes the Earth, it becomes a meteorite by definition.

The Willamette Meteorite. It is the sixth largest and the largest found in the United States.

Yes. A meteor that hits the ground is called a meteorite. Small meteorites hit the surface very frequently. Larger impacts occur less frequently.

a meteorite is a rock that hits the earth an asteroid is a rock just floating out in space and a meteor is a rock that comes into the earth's atmosphere but burns up

A meteorite is a meteor that reaches Earth. There is no size limit for a meteorite. They can be as small as a grain of rice or as large as a building.

It can be any size. Depends on the size of meteor that crushes The Earth. If meteor is big, meteorite will be big but smaller than meteor. Imagine that the meteor of size of the Moon crushed The Earth. Until it burns in the atmosphere it will become smaller and t hen crush. But it still will be big. And now imagine a meteor with size of Empire state building. That is going to be quite small when it crushes the Earth. The meteorite is what's left from meteor when it enters atmosphere and hits the Earth.

Zero. By definition a meteoriod cannot hit the earth. On a meteoriod enters the atmospehe it becomes a meteor amd when it hits the earth it is a Meteorite.

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