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If you are under 18, then yes.

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Q: Does a minor have to move from Georgia to Pennsylvania with their mother and her new husband?
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Is a 16 year old mother considered emancipated in pennsylvania?

No. Parenthood does not emancipate a minor in any state of the USA.

When is a child no longer a minor in Georgia?

A child is no longer a minor in Georgia when he or she turns 18.

In Georgia can a minor void a contract or is it voidable?

In Georgia, a minor cannot sign a contract. If a minor does sign a contract, it is voidable because it is illegal.

Who has legal custody of a minor child when parents never married in Georgia?

The mother. The father have to petition the court for custody or visitation right.

Can a minor enter a smoke shop in Pennsylvania?

A minor (a person under 18) cannot enter a smoke shop in Pennsylvania. A minor cannot purchase tobacco products of any kinds.

Where in Georgia can a minor get a tattoo?


Minor in possession of alcohol in Pennsylvania?


As a mother to a minor that just had a baby am I both their legal guardians in Georgia I need answers fast?

I don't know the answer but perhaps the links below will help.

Who is responsible for a baby if the mother is 16in the state of Georgia?

The one who has custody. If she is a minor her parents have responsibility over her but she still is the guardian of her child and makes the decisions.

What is the legal procedure for the emancipation of a minor in the state of Georgia?

There is no emancipation statute in Georgia.

What is statute of limitations for corruption of a minor in Pa?

In Pennsylvania it is 12 years from the point the minor turns 18.

Can the parents of a pregnant married minor living in Pennsylvania force her to move back home?

If she is a minor, yes.

When was Philip Minor born?

Philip Minor was born on July 7, 1927, in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA.

Does a minor mom have custody of her child or do her parents have custody?

Yes a minor Mother does have custody, But because she is a minor her parents have the say over her and she over the minor child of her's. Depending of the age of the minor mother as to what choices she has in dealing with her parents.

Can a 16 year old mother move out in Georgia?

Sixteen is not the same age as eighteen. Until you are an adult, the law says the parents are responsible for the minor and where they live, even if they have a child.

Are you considered an adult at 18 in chester Pennsylvania?

Yes, the age of majority is 18 in Pennsylvania. Up to that point you are a minor.

Can a 16 year old mother move out in the state of Florida?

A minor at the age of 16 is still a minor, even though she may be a mother. A minor is not an adult until the age of 18.

Can a father file sole custudy of a child when the mother is a minor?

He can try, but the minor mother have equal rights to the child. They will not remove the child from her based on the fact that she is a minor as long as she is a fit parent.

What rights does an emancipated minor in Georgia have?

Previously GA didn

Is it illegal for an adult to give a minor tobacco in Pennsylvania?

Extremly, illegal.

What age can minor children be left alone overnight in Pennsylvania?


Who are the minor characters of the aged mother?


At what age can a minor in Georgia choose where they want to live?

A minor is not allowed to decide that but they can tell their opinion and hope the judge agrees.

What can a girl do if she is almost 17 and lives with her dad in Illinois and her mom lives in Pennsylvania and has full custody and can mother give child permission to move out of the house at 17?

Please go on: TYPE IN: What age is a minor in Pennsylvania If you are no longer a minor in that State then you can come and go as you please and don't require either parent's permission. Marcy The issue is problematic as the minor is not currently residing with the custodial parent. The laws of the state in which the custodial parent resides are the ones that are enforceable. Pennsylvania's legal age of majority is 21, therefore, the mother cannot give the minor permission to move from the family home unless it is agreed to by the court through an order of emancipation. It is however a simple procedure for the mother to relinquish custody to the biological father in Illinois by filing a petition in the circuit court in the PA. county of residence. I see where you put that the mother can give custody to the father but the problem is that the father is the jerk and the girl wants to leave the house with the father but not go live in Pennsylvania.

Does a minor need parental consent in the state of Georgia to get married?

Yes, they do.