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I'm not an expert, but from what I've observed, read on this FAQ, and studied out of Sam's book, a N's future is of concern. After all, everything is all about HIM , and his future is part of his life. The N I know plans for his future very carefully, although he likes to leave lots of "wiggle room" to change his plans if something better comes along. He is often secretive about his plans. As for a mate in the future....well, I think they figure they can always come up with a source of supply, whether it be in the form of an activity, interesting purchase or project, or, if things really get tough, he can turn on the charm and find a person to relate to. I may be all wrong on this, but this is what I've noticed. They prioritize their activities to fulfill their need for whatever supply they seek at the time. I think they keep their eyes open for people to look after them when they're old and about planning ahead!

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Q: Does a narcissist think about his future and worry that he'll be lonely without a mate?
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