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Not necessarily. It means whatever you want it to mean. It was originated by sailors who commonly used the stars to guide their way home. They used the nautical star tattoo to help symbolize a safe trip home.

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Q: Does a nautical star tattoo on each arm mean you are gay?
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What does a nautical star tattoo on each arm mean?

What does the nautical star tattoo mean

What does it mean if you have the nautical star tattoo on the back of your arm?

mostly that you like nautical stars and that you wanted a tattoo on the back of your arm.

Nautical tattoo meanings?

Each star is 2000 nautical miles traveled at sea......former USN and USCG

What tattoo symbolizes guidance?

nautical star or dragon! nautical star or dragon!

Where to get a nautical star tattoo?

Any tattoo parlor should be able to tattoo a nautical star. Use your phonebook or the internet to find one near you.

Where can a person find an image of a nautical star for a tattoo idea?

The nautical star tattoo ranks among the oldest and most symbolic of tattoo designs. Images of the nautical star can be found in a large number of places such as the Lyricwriter and TattooMeNow.

How long does it take to get a nautical star tattoos?

It takes around one to two hours to get a nautical star tattoo. The exact length of time depends on how big the tattoo is.

What is the meaning of a nortic star tattoo?

I think you may mean nautical star, if so then that is a tattoo tha sailors used to get. It symbolises guidance or good luck on a long journey.

What does the emo star mean?

The emo star is actual a nautical star. The nautical star is usually seen as a tattoo representing membership in the US Navy or Marine Corp. The symbol represents the five pointed star of the US flag and the red/black color pattern represents the compass rose found on old nautical maps. I do not understand why emo's get the tattoo or what it means to them.

What is the symbolism of star tattoo?

A star tattoo signifies hope, spirit and truth. It can also symbolize someone's divine spirit within them. There are many types of stars -- Pentagram, Nautical Star, Star of David -- that can mean specific things.

What does the five star tattoo mean?

what dose star tattoo mean on shoulders

What star tattoo is best to symbolize family?

nautical star because it means yours together as a family and you all have at least one thing in common the tattoo.

What does a Nautical star upside down tattoo symbolize?

An upside down Nautical star represents worship of the Devil.<---- whoever said that is a MORON. Upside down stars mean many things. NOT just worship of the "Devil". Typical uneducated christian answer.

What does a blue star tattoo on the front of each shoulder stand for?

Star tattoos don't generally mean anything.

What does a green star tattoo symbolize?

A green star tattoo is known to symbolize honor, achievement, hope, divinity, and intuition. These types of tattoos are commonly called nautical stars.

What does a nautical star stand for if tattooed on hip bone?

A nautical star tattoo on the hip bone could be associated with a sea service. It is often associated with sailors, or as a symbol to look into the future.

What does a red star tattoo symbolize?

A red star tattoo represents a nautical symbol of the North Star and a safe return home. wrong i golden star represents the north star, if you mean the red star that rage against the machien uses it is red for the blood of all the people that have died for what they belive in and the red star is used on all socialist flags.

Is the nautical star a racist tattoo?

No, not at all, it was used for sailors to find their way home safely

What does the nautical star tattoo represent?

It's a tattoo that sailors used to get. Usually represents good luck or finding their way on a long journey.

What does one star tattoo mean?

A one star tattoo can mean hope, protection, or enlightenment. The meaning varies depending on the type of star and the number of points the star has.

Does placement of nautical star tattoo matter?

No, although it's best off still being in the tattoo gun, considering everyone already has this tattoo in every possible location. Be original.

What does star tattoo mean?


What does a star tattoo on a girls wrist mean?

no idea what they want tattoo

What does a purple and black nautical star mean?

Nautical stars are popular tattoos. The nautical star was originally a symbol for sailors but in present times, despite color, they do not have a meaning.

What does a star shape mean?

If you are after the meaning of the shape, I am not sure. The symbol or shape called a polygon star is baffling me at the moment. I have a tattoo and it has a nautical star. The nautical star means to travel safe, to find your place in this world and to find your way back home safely. It has 5 points and each point is for me and my 4 brothers. However, around the whole tattoo I have 6 stars, black with a thick red border which I liked at the time, but now its bugging me because I don't really know what they mean. I used to say they were just for decoration but now I cant stop thinking about "what they mean", obsessive thinking disorder perhaps? anyway, I hoped this helped in any way.