Does a Nikon sb22 flash work on a nikon d80 camera?

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Yes it does with non i-ttl auto (2 different f stops) and manual.
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Will a nikon f mount fit a nikon d70 camera?

Yes, it will fit.. However, you will still need to see if the lens you have has or does not have features like autofocus or CPU connectors that will carry all the info that your camera needs.... If it is a Nikon Lens it will work fine. So will others like Sigma, Tamron and Tokina.. Carl Zeiss may ( Full Answer )

What speedgun or flash will work with Nikon d40x?

Yes. The Nikon D40x has a hot shoe on top of the built-in pop-up flash. Be sure to check the compatibility of any external flash unit that you attach to the camera.. Note: The question was changed after the first answer was posted, so that the two do not match now. An approach to the new question i ( Full Answer )

Which camera is better Canon EOS 400D or Nikon D80?

Theres a bunch of comparison tests out there for these two models. Check more at,248/ Many expert review sources claim the EOS 400D to have better color accuracy and high ISO dynamic range, where as ( Full Answer )

Nikon d60 vs nikon d80?

The D60 is much lighter and smaller. It is better if you mostly shoot with Auto or Program Mode The D80 (and D90) is heavier and bigger but has better controls for manual adjustment and Autofocuses with older lenses

Will a canon flash work on a Nikon camera?

Short answer: "Not recommended". Long answer: The center contact on a flash shoe transmits the signal for a flash to fire. This contact is in the same place on all cameras that use a flash shoe. If a flash has ONLY the center contact, then it may be used on any camera that will accept it.. However ( Full Answer )

Will a Nikon speed light SB-20 work with a Nikon D40 camera?

yeah ... it will work on the newer cameras.. However, you are better off with a sb400/600/800 or the better 900.. They camera will auto detect the settings of these new lense ... vs. you messing around with settings.

Which camera is better canon or Nikon?

The short answer is: "Depends". The long answer is: Both Canon and Nikon make cameras and lenses that are so good and so reliable that it is impossible to make a statement of which manufacturer makes better cameras (or lenses).. If you are looking for a "point and shoot" camera, compare cost, feat ( Full Answer )

Is the Nikon S230 a good camera?

All of the major manufacturers make good cameras. You should shop on the basis of features and price. I would be leery of touch-screen cameras, however. They have not been on the market long, and there may be bugs in manufacturing and software. They also tend to be fragile. The one I tried out ha ( Full Answer )

Will a Nikon f mount fit a Nikon d80 camera?

A Nikon F-Mount Lens will indeed fit a Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera, as the D80 is equipped with a mechanical focus drive motor which will effectively autofocus with all F-Mount lenses. -

Whats the difference from a Nikon d90 and d80?

Nikon d90 has the capability to shoot video. The D90 is the ONLY DSLR to do that. Also, there's a difference in resolution. I'm not sure what the difference is as far as resolution, but i know there is one. Over all, there's actually tons of differences. I own the D90, and it's great. I've used the ( Full Answer )

Will a Nikon g mount fit a Nikon d80 camera?

No, only F mount lenses fit the Nikon D80, D90, D7000, D3000, D3100, D5000, D5100, D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D100, D200, D300, D300s and every other Nikon digital SLR A Nikon G lens will fit a D80. The G is a lens designation and not a mount. Nikon G lenses have a F mount.

What is the value of a Nikon F camera?

If the camera shows signs of use or is well-used but mechanically OK, look on the website of Ffordes of InvernessUK. If the camera is pretty well unused condition, look at Grays of Westminster. Also look at MW Classic Cameras, also in London, .

How do you reset original settings on Nikon D80 CAMERA?

there are two buttons with a green dot next to them in the cluster of buttons surrounding the LCD screen on the top of the camera (the AF button and EV compensation button). Hold these two buttons for a couple of seconds and the setting will reset. alternatively, select 'Reset' in the settings menu ( Full Answer )

How much does a Nikon camera cost?

It depends on the quality, store, and how new it is. If you were to purchase a Nikon camera in Best Buy, most likely it will be expensive... unless they hare having some special offer and/or sale. I got my Nikon D90 for about $1200 in 2009. Now it's been reduced to 100 bucks. So literally, they'r ( Full Answer )

Will a nikon f mount fit a nikon d300 camera?

Yes, F mount lenses fit the Nikon D80, D90, D7000, D3000, D3100, D5000, D5100, D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D100, D200, D300, D300s and every other Nikon digital SLR

Will Nikon lens work on Canon eos rebel cameras?

A Nikon Lens will not fit on a Canon camera. Edit: All camera brands have their own bayonet, so they won't be able to take lenses from other brands, but if for example you wanted to put a Nikon lens on a Canon camera, there are adapters for that. There are also third-party lens makers (Sigma, Tamr ( Full Answer )

Is Nikon d3100 a good camera?

i think the nikon d3100 is very good it has a reasonable price, i would recommend to also buy a telephoto lens with it. its very noisy but fast. Sammy

Will a Nikon flash work on a canon camera?

Short answer is no ... most flash units are camera specific, meaning that they will only work with the camera they were designed for. . Longer answer is yes ... if you want to 100% sure none of the smaller pins short out any of the contacts on the camera then just use pc sync socket or hotshoe to p ( Full Answer )

Is the Nikon l120 a good camera?

You have to have a very steady hand for the pictures to come out well. Otherwise, yes it is a nice camera

Which cameras are better cannon or Nikon?

It really depends on what you expect out of your camera and what kind of photography you will be performng. Many choose a cannon over a nikon because they are easier to handle and have more features, most professionals choose cannon cameras.

Where can you purchase a Nikon camera lens?

You could purchase Nikon camera lenses from many places. If you are looking for a brick and mortar store, check out your local Best Buy, Sears, or Ritz Camera.

Does a Nikon camera lens work in other cameras?

No a nikon camera lens will most likely only work on the camera it was specifically built for because they have their own special design and it usually doesn't follow exactly to other brands.

How much money is a Nikon d80?

It depends on which type you are looking for. A Nikon D80 SLR Digital Camera (Camera Body) is $589.99 at the link below.

What lens works on a Nikon D50 camera?

Most Nikon lens will work in complete manual mode, but to get the most from the lens (auto-focus, metering) stick to Nikkor lenses with AF or G in the title. Full comparability chart in the related links below.

Where made in Nikon cameras?

The head corporation of Nikon camera is Tokyo, specializing in optics and imaging. Its products include cameras, binoculars, microscopes, ophthalmic lenses, measurement instruments, and the steppers. It is also used in the photolithography steps of semiconductor fabrication and it is the world's s ( Full Answer )

Who is the founder of Nikon digital cameras?

Nikon was founded in 1917 in Japan, with Makoto Kimura as the current president. Nikon produced the its first digital camera for NASA in 1991. There is no single person responsible for the production of the first Nikon Digital Camera; it was a company-wide effort.

What is the best Nikon camera available?

Nikon's entry-level DSLR is best for beginners or users wanting to step up from compact cameras. The Nikon D3100's key selling point is its GUIDE mode, which provides on-screen assistance in both visual and written forms to help explain modes and options without jargon - ideal for the newcomer.

Where can one buy a Nikon D80 lens?

Online retailers such as Digital Rev, Amazon and Ted's Cameras stock lenses suitable for the Nikon D80. Compatible lenses include the Nikon 55 - 200 VR and the Nikon 70 - 200 f2.8 VR.

What kind of camera is Nikon D2X?

The Nikon D2X is a camera that allows for the taking of professional photos. It uses a single lens to capture digital pictures at a professional level.

Where can one purchase a Nikon D80 camera?

Nikon is a very reputable camera brand. Many photography shops and online retailers sell many different Nikon camera models, including the Nikon D80 camera.

What kind of camera accessory is the Nikon MB D80?

The Nikon MB D80 is a multi powered battery pack that is an accessory for the Nikon D80 and the Nikon D90 which are both digital SLR cameras. It is known to provide stability as well as longer battery power.

Where could one purchase a Nikon D80?

You can purchase a Nikon D800 (no listings are found for a D80) from eBay, Amazon, Digital Monster, Dell's website, Crutchfield, Best Buy, and Green Mountain Camera.

What is the price of the Nikon D80?

The Nikon D80 is a digital camera. The recommended retail price for the Nikon D80 is _Ç£1989. It is a professional standard camera. Cheaper deals on the Nikon D80 may be located by checking websites such as Amazon.