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It depends on what your problem is. Being a nudist doesn't make you any different than anyone else. If you have problems of abuse, a loss, grief, etc., then just go to a good therapist with your problems.

Nudists are just a way of life and have been around for as long as I can remember. They usually have private clubs or they would be arrested for indecent exposure. There is nothing wrong with this way of life and often brings comfort to the individual (getting back to nature and peace.)

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Q: Does a nudist need to go to a nudist resort to meet other nudists as therapy?
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Are there nudist towns in the U.S.?

No. There are no complete towns, villages, townships, or municipally governed nudist communities within the United States or America. Nudist resorts and small-scale "nudist communities" do exist in the U.S. and are primarily located in the states of Florida and California. Other U.S. states may have significant groups of nudists living together, but these are often on privately owned property subject to the laws and regulations of the county in which they are located. Nudist resorts and campgrounds are not commonly located near schools, churches, shopping centers or other large populations due to the unique nature of this lifestyle.

How much does a nudist make?

This is not a valid question because "nudist" is not a type of employment. The term "Nudist" refers to someone who practices activities without clothing, usually for recreation, but in some cases living full-time without wearing clothing. Therefore if someone were a full-time nudist and working at a nudist resort, a question could be asked about their job title at the resort (or campground or club). In other words, it is possible for someone to be a Receptionist, Accountant, Owner, Grounds-keeper, Maintenance Person, Pool Attendant, Laundry Worker, Lifeguard, Activities Director, Social Activities Coordinator, Secretary, Massage Therapist, Bingo Caller, D.J. (DJ) or other paid title at a nudist site.

Is electroconvulsive therapy the most common treatment for bipolar disorder?

By no means. It is a last resort. Lithium, Depakote and other pharmaceutical therapy is the most common treatment by far.

Is it legal to be a nudest in the UK or US?

That's "nudist". Short answer: yes. Longer answer: On private property, where there is no possibility of the nudists being seen by members of the general public, the answer would be "yes", other than that, the answer would depend on many factors; local ordinances, community standards, etc.

Do nudist colonies still exist?

Yes, there are quite a few in the U.S. and around the world, but generally the owners of these places no longer like to refer to them as "colonies," choosing instead to call them "parks," "resorts," or other terms along that line. The term "colonies" made it seem like nudists were operating some kind of cult.

How can you meet other nudist?

At a "Nudist" camp. There is at least one in the state of Michigan located in Oakland county. There are numerous camps located all over the USA.

What does a naturalist do when she's on her period?

If by 'naturalist' you mean a nudist - then firstly know that nudists don't always spend all their time naked, when nudists are naked during their periods they could use internal menstrual products like tampons, menstrual cups, softcups, menstrual sponges, or some may even use menstrual release. Some may use menstrual huts where they go into a hut or tent with other menstruating women and just bleed freely onto rags or onto the earth.

What is the technical term for a nudist colony?

The proper terms these days are : Naturist Resort Naturist Club (either one that is located somewhere or that has meetings in different special locations). Naturist Beach Naturist Park (Nudist still is used but the other term is more accepted now.) Some countries even have Naturist Cities. (Just dont call it The Naked City or you'll see some frowns!)

Is it possible to be partial nudist?

Yes. The term and idea of "partial nudism" may be cross referenced with "Home Nudist", "Part-time Nudist" or "Resort Nudist" and these refer to persons not openly practicing social nudism on a regular or frequent basis. Many individuals write blogs and web site articles explaining their comfort with being nude at home, either when they grew up or everyday as part of a routine such as swimming or sunbathing, but also write of no desire to interact with other nudists. This may be considered to be anti-social in some circles, but in societies where individual rights (or "choices") are held in high regards it is perfectly acceptable. A Home Nudist is someone comfortable with going nude for extended periods of time, other than simply before and after bathing, but who may or may not share this behavior with other family members. A Part-time Nudist may claim they only go nude when ideal weather conditions exist, or during extremely hot times of the year such as Summer AND only at established skinny-dipping spots, rivers, lakes or ocean beaches. A Resort Nudist is someone only comfortable with social nudity in settings or surroundings where they are unlikely to encounter anyone they know personally (i.e. relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers). With the wide availability of photo sharing websites and extensive networks or friends and acquaintances these often include, and the use of "tagging" in photos, the practice of someone being ONLY a Resort Nudist may be on the decline. This is due to the likelihood a picture including them participating in social nudity may turn up unexpectedly in a relative, friend, neighbor or co-worker's search results. May established nudist clubs, resorts and campgrounds have very STRICT guidelines regarding photography and even the use of cellphones with camera capabilities. Photography is NOT allowed outside of times clearly designated as hobby or special interest group hours (i.e. yes, there are nudist photography clubs) and cellphones with cameras must be left in visitor's cars. Anyone caught violating these rules is subject to immediate ejection from the club, possible confiscation of the camera (or at least the photographs; if digital then deleting them may not be sufficient) and permanently being banned from visiting the club or resort again. Please check with the club or resort management for specific rules of each. A full or Full-time Nudist may believe or explain they have little or no concern with regards to being known as a Nudist or having nude photographs of themselves viewed by anyone, anywhere at anytime. Furthermore, the term "Absolute Nudist" has become more frequently used in recent years and this describes someone living, working and playing without clothing everyday, permanently. A Absolute Nudist would therefore tend to be someone living within a clothing-optional or nudist community and these do exist in various countries around the world including the United States or America. In all cases, the idea of integrative "body acceptance" or an understanding of the ways each of us is physically different in our body types, sizes, shapes and skin colors, is a central philosophy which social nudism tends to support. Nudism should not be misconstrued with other types of social activities STRICTLY intended for adults over the age of eighteen and involving "open" sexuality or erotic behavior.

Are nudist beaches common in Spain?

Yes. There are many nudist beaches and camping sites in Spain as thee are in other European countries where the weather. Yes, they are perfecly legal and there are no strange goings-on. Entire families go there: Grandpa, Grandma, Mom and Dad, the kids and the family pets for a nice time or even for their entire vacational period. Onlookers and trouble-makers of course are not welcome and are speedily dealt with. There are actually no laws against nudism anywhere in Spain (the previous answer - "legislation permitting" was wrong). Instead, nudist beaches sprout up in out-of-way areas, often (or usually) without markings. There's a list of the top ten if you search in Google: <a href = "">Google Search: Nudist Beaches in Spain</a> +++ Their users usually call themselves "naturists", not "nudists".

Why nudistfriendfinder is popular among nudists?

LOL! The answer's implicit in the question - though I dare say the proportion of nudists, or naturists as I believe they prefer to use, who would use a dating service is no different from that among any other section of the population.

Is public nudity still an anxiety dream for nudists?

The only possible answer is "maybe," because each person's dreams are unique to that individual. However, some sorts of naked dreams could reflect anxiety for nudists since they might be just as humiliated as anyone else to find themselves naked in inappropriate situations. On the other hand, they might enjoy different sorts of naked dreams that have nothing to do with anxiety. Where others might dream of receiving an award, or having others admire our gorgeous outfit, a nudist might enjoy dreaming of proudly strolling through a crowded mall in the buff.

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