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Does a nudist need to go to a nudist resort to meet other nudists as therapy?


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2014-12-18 04:40:51
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It depends on what your problem is. Being a nudist doesn't make you any different than anyone else. If you have problems of abuse, a loss, grief, etc., then just go to a good therapist with your problems.

Nudists are just a way of life and have been around for as long as I can remember. They usually have private clubs or they would be arrested for indecent exposure. There is nothing wrong with this way of life and often brings comfort to the individual (getting back to nature and peace.)


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No nudists are not all gay you have your "Normal Nudist" who prefer not to wear clouths and socialize with other nudes and "Gay Nudists" who are gay and open about but also prefer to not wear clouths and socialize aswell as touching. Easy way of thinking about it is "Nudists" Look and are fine just chatting and "Gay Nudists" Enjoy to chat and have physical interaction but not all the time.

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No. There are no complete towns, villages, townships, or municipally governed nudist communities within the United States or America. Nudist resorts and small-scale "nudist communities" do exist in the U.S. and are primarily located in the states of Florida and California. Other U.S. states may have significant groups of nudists living together, but these are often on privately owned property subject to the laws and regulations of the county in which they are located. Nudist resorts and campgrounds are not commonly located near schools, churches, shopping centers or other large populations due to the unique nature of this lifestyle.

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This is not a valid question because "nudist" is not a type of employment. The term "Nudist" refers to someone who practices activities without clothing, usually for recreation, but in some cases living full-time without wearing clothing. Therefore if someone were a full-time nudist and working at a nudist resort, a question could be asked about their job title at the resort (or campground or club). In other words, it is possible for someone to be a Receptionist, Accountant, Owner, Grounds-keeper, Maintenance Person, Pool Attendant, Laundry Worker, Lifeguard, Activities Director, Social Activities Coordinator, Secretary, Massage Therapist, Bingo Caller, D.J. (DJ) or other paid title at a nudist site.

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By no means. It is a last resort. Lithium, Depakote and other pharmaceutical therapy is the most common treatment by far.

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That's "nudist". Short answer: yes. Longer answer: On private property, where there is no possibility of the nudists being seen by members of the general public, the answer would be "yes", other than that, the answer would depend on many factors; local ordinances, community standards, etc.

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