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looks much better and easier to repair if required

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Q: Does a painted or re-plastered pool look better?
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When does a pool need to be replastered?

When the old plaster starts to fall of or it cant be made to look good any more.

When should a pool be replastered?

Pool finnishes have approximately a 10 year life span. Some last longer.

Can you replaster a gunite pool as a do it yourself or do you really need a professional to do it?

Check out this web address: This homeowner in Florida replastered his pool and has written about his experience.

What type of paint should I use to paint a ingroung pool The pool is a older pool?

The wholesale pool supply stores sell paint specially formulated for pools. I don't know about the do-it-tourself stores. Answ:: In my opinion you would be better off having the pool replastered. k I agree with "K" that you should have it replastered. Answer: I agree wholeheartedly. There are pool paints out there that look simply the beginning. But unless you plan on repainting it each year, why waste the time and money. You're much better off to pay $2000-$3000 and replaster the pool so it will last 10 years or more. Even when maintaining the chemistry on a pool, the paint will begin to show round spots and peel off after about a year. I am willing to answer any pool-related questions at

How long does a gunite pool last before it needs to be replastered?

I have seen them last for more then 20 years

Who painted the water lily pool?

"Claude Monet" Painted Water Lily Pool

What causes small rust spots to appear on bottom of a pool and how do you get rid of them?

We had rust spots on the botom of our pool and it was caused by the rebar too close to the plaster. We had it jack hammered out when we replastered.

What is the name of the attachment that goes to the water return of an above ground pool and keeps the bottom of the pool stirred up for better filtration and where can it can be purchased?

These things are obsolete. When I had my pool replastered, they removed the place where the thing attached and plastered over it. He told me they were ineffective and no longer used in pools. The Circulator

Where to get an in ground pool?

Look in the phone book under pool builders, or better still get a recomendation from a friend that had a pool built.

Can a swimming pool be painted with the water left in?


Who painted Waterlily Pool?

Claude Monet

Are all pool liners made of vinyl or is there a better choice for longevity?

Not all pools have pool liners, some are simply painted concrete. Depends upon your type of pool. If you are concerned with longivity, then consider a thicker vinyl.

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