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Q: Does a paper towel clean up grape juice good?
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Juliet is using a paper towel to clean up a juice spill The liquid sticks to the paper towel because of?


What happens when you spill orange juice on the floor?

You clean it up with a wet paper towel

What does lemon juice clean a penny and how do you do it?

you need to use lemon juice,knife,cutting board,2 bowls,pennies,cotton swabs,water,and paper towel

When cleaning a juice spill with a paper towel why does the liquid stick to the paper towel?

Because, when cleaning juice, the CHRISTMAS ORANGES COME AND ATTACK THE PAPER which makes it stick. so uhm, yeah. there ya go.

Which paper towel is the best when cleaning a greasy mess?

The best paper towel to use when trying to clean up a greasy mess is Viva. You can wring out the water then clean with the same paper towel you were just using with out it having holes.

How do you clean mirror?

paper towel and glass cleaner

What is a Brawny paper towel?

Brawny is a brand name for a paper towel product you would use in your kitchen to clean up spills or messes.

How much paper towel should I use to clean a flooded kitchen?

You would need a a couple rolls of paper towels to clean a flooded kitchen floor, which is inefficient. Instead, you should use a mop or a fabric towel to clean the mess.

How do you clean a trombone mouthpiece?

use disenfectant and a paper towel

Where can you find commercial paper towel dispensers?

You can find commercial paper towel dispensers through the following sites: Lowes, eBay, Staples, Sustainable Supply, or Clean It Supply. They all offer a variety of quality commercial paper towel dispensers.

How do you remove sticky tac from carpet?

Place a paper towel over the sticky tac and then lay a warm iron over the paper towel. Keep moving the paper towel to clean areas as they heat up and transfer onto the towel. This works great for candle wax on carpet too.

What is a good science experiment for a kid?

Here's a good idea: See what causes the most rust on a penny, orange juice, grape juice, apple juice, or water. It's fairly easy, and kind of fun. And as a last resort, you can always go with the which-paper-towel-brand-is-the-strongest expirement. Its a classic. Or you can see what kind of mentos and pop combo blow up the most!!!

What is the best way to clean your shoes?

A wet wipe or a wet paper towel.

What is the best way to clean you key board?

Wet paper towel or a duster

What is a creative paper towel project title?

An Absorbing Study

Are paper towels sanitary?

Yes they are. As long as you use a clean paper towel each time it will always be sanitary.

How do you clean a game disk?

put rubbing alchohal on a clean & folded paper towel and rub in a circular motion on game disk and rinse with water and completely dry with a new folded paper towel and iw will most likely work.

Can you use water and paper towel to clean the canon imagerunner copier glass?

Canon recommends using water or a mild cleaning solution to clean the copier glass on its products. A well wrung out lint-free cloth is preferred to paper towel.

What happens if you defecate on the floor?

Clean it up well with paper towel, then use disinfectant on it.

What is the sparkle paper towel slogan?

"u want it clean u need sparkle"

How can you use moisten in a sentence?

I will moisten the paper towel before I use it to clean the counter.

What is sparkle paper towel slogan?

"u want it clean u need sparkle"

Why is it paper towel and not towel paper?

Because it just isn't. Paper Towels sounds better than Towel Paper... :) And it's more paper than it is a towel...

What are the sticks that come with a recorder for?

so that you can clean the inside of your recorder ( clean out the spit. p.s put a paper towel around the stick. )

How do you keep the ipod touch clean?

First, use your cleaning cloth that came with the iPod Touch to clean the front face of the iPod, and if necessary, the metal back. If the glass front still doesn't clean, then take a paper towel, spritz it with some Windex, and then clean it. Use the cleaning cloth after that to wipe off any streaks the paper towel may have left.