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If their parent is not present to take advantage of their court ordered visitations the custodial parent should return to court to change the order, especially if there is a concern for the child's safety. The child has the right to be in the care and custody of the non-custodial parent during visitations and should not be forced to spend their visits with others in the absence of their parent.

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Q: Does a parent have to be home during visitation?
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Can divorced parent have a person to whom they are not married sleep in the home during child visitation?


Is it kidnapping if a parent takes child out of state without other parent permission?

During a normal visitation? No.

Can a step parent refuse visitation if in fear of well being in home?

I assume it's not the step parent that is granted visitation. This is something the step parent and spouse have to work out since it's the spouse who has asked for visitation and therefor it's her responsibility to make it work. If the step parent own the house he can choose who's in it and who is not and same goes for the spouse if she owns it. The step parent have no authority over the visitation order.

What can one parent do when denied visitation by the other parent?

You must return to the court where the visitation order was issued and submit a motion for contempt against the parent who has denied visitation.

Can a mother deny visitation if the father is paying child support?

Whether or not a parent is paying child support is irrelevant when the issue is visitation rights. If there is a court order for visitation the primary custodial parent must allow it or be found in contempt of court. If there is not a court order in place the custodial parent can make the decision to when, where or if visitation is allowed. Visitation guidelines are usually established during the custodial proceedings.

Who arranges for child care during the noncustodial parent's visitation time when the noncustodial parent has to work during their visits?

The one who would be responsible for the child during that time which would be the non custodial parent.

Custodial parent denies Noncustodial parent visitation rights in Mississippi?

Unless visitation rights for the non-custodial parent were allowed in the divorce paperwork, the custodial parent is completely within their rights to deny the non-custodial parent visitation....however, the non-custodial parent may sue for visitation rights.

If noncustodial parent alter the court visitation order do you still have to allow visitation?

It the non custodial parent alters the court ordered visitation, the other parent does not have to allow the visitation, unless it was altered in court. If it was not altered in court, the parent can file for contempt of court.

Can the custodial parent deny visitation to the non-custodial parent if no visitation order is in effect?

Yes. The non-custodial parent must return to court and request a visitation schedule.Yes. The non-custodial parent must return to court and request a visitation schedule.Yes. The non-custodial parent must return to court and request a visitation schedule.Yes. The non-custodial parent must return to court and request a visitation schedule.

Do your kids have to sleep over with non custodial parent with visitation rights?

If the visitation schedule says overnight visitation, yes. The visitation schedule is a court order. If the custodial parent violates the order the non-custodial parent can file a motion for contempt.

Can the custodial parent deny visitation to the non custodial parent in Washington?

No. The non-custodial parent needs to have the visitation rights enforced by the court if necessary.

Does a child have to visit a parent who is not home and boyfriend has to care for the child?

If it was planned the parent would not be home all day, no. But if we are talking about babysitting for a few hours until they come home from work this should not be an issue. You should discuss the situation with your attorney. If the parent is not present during their scheduled visitations with the child then perhaps the visitation schedule should be modified.

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