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This would be a change of circumstances. What are the best interests of the child? If the father wants to contest it - I think he has a good case.

Yeah it definitely deals with a modification of a custody arrangement. I believe that the death of one parent would enough to satisfy a material and substantial enough change so that the arrangement will be changed. Also, the courts favor the biological parent, so it is likely that it is in the best interest of the child that they live with the alive parent as opposed to the Grandparent. It should be noted however that in TX grandparents have rights of "access" to their grandchildren should they meet certain criteria.

My advice to you is to hire a lawyer, and have the custody changed.

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Q: Does a possessory conservator automatically have custody of a child when the managing conservator who lives with child at grandmother's house die and can the grandmother refuse to let child go to the possessory conservator in Texas?
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What is a possessory conservator?

Possessory conservator refers to the person in a custody order who does not have the child/children living with them the majority of the time.

If the managing conservator is discredited would the possessory conservator get custody of the child?

It fully depends on the evidence.

What is a non-possessory conservator?

It is another term for the parent with whom the child does not reside.

Does a possessory conservator have to pay child support?

In most cases, yes. see links

What is possessory custody?

Possessory custody or possessory conservator refers to the person in a custody order who does not have the child/children living with them the majority of the time. A person with possessory custody has the right to possession at certain times and places accompanied by certain rights and obligations.

What is a managing conservator?

It is a term used in some states to indicate who retains custody of a minor child. If parents share equal custody they are joint managing conservators. If one parent retains primary custody he or she is the sole conservator and the non-custodial parent is the possessory conservator.

What's the major difference between a 'managing conservator' and a 'possessory' one?

The legal definition is a managing conservator is the person in whose home the child resides and the person who receives financial support for the child. The possessory conservator is the person who has visitation rights and pays the child support. Generally the "MC" has more rights in all decisions regarding the child. However, the actual rights and responsibilities of both parties are defined in the custody order at the discretion of the presiding magistrate.

Can the custodial parent give consent for a 17-year-old to get married without the managing conservator's permission in Texas?

No. There is no difference in the rights of the possessory and the conservator to the minor child in question unless there is a court order that stipulates otherwise. The gender of the minor is not relevant.

What is a possessory lien?

A possessory lien is the right of the creditor to retain possession of his debtors property until his debt has been satisfied.

If you have possessory custody. How can you get full custody?

You file a motion with the court.

How do you file a vehicle possessory lien?

Call your state DMV for advice.

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