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This would be a change of circumstances. What are the best interests of the child? If the father wants to contest it - I think he has a good case.

Yeah it definitely deals with a modification of a custody arrangement. I believe that the death of one parent would enough to satisfy a material and substantial enough change so that the arrangement will be changed. Also, the courts favor the biological parent, so it is likely that it is in the best interest of the child that they live with the alive parent as opposed to the Grandparent. It should be noted however that in TX grandparents have rights of "access" to their grandchildren should they meet certain criteria.

My advice to you is to hire a lawyer, and have the custody changed.

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What is a possessory conservator?

Possessory conservator refers to the person in a custody order who does not have the child/children living with them the majority of the time.

What is possessory custody?

Possessory custody or possessory conservator refers to the person in a custody order who does not have the child/children living with them the majority of the time. A person with possessory custody has the right to possession at certain times and places accompanied by certain rights and obligations.

What is a non-possessory conservator?

It is another term for the parent with whom the child does not reside.

What's the major difference between a 'managing conservator' and a 'possessory' one?

The legal definition is a managing conservator is the person in whose home the child resides and the person who receives financial support for the child. The possessory conservator is the person who has visitation rights and pays the child support. Generally the "MC" has more rights in all decisions regarding the child. However, the actual rights and responsibilities of both parties are defined in the custody order at the discretion of the presiding magistrate.

What is a managing conservator?

It is a term used in some states to indicate who retains custody of a minor child. If parents share equal custody they are joint managing conservators. If one parent retains primary custody he or she is the sole conservator and the non-custodial parent is the possessory conservator.

Can the custodial parent give consent for a 17-year-old to get married without the managing conservator's permission in Texas?

No. There is no difference in the rights of the possessory and the conservator to the minor child in question unless there is a court order that stipulates otherwise. The gender of the minor is not relevant.

What is a possessory lien?

A possessory lien is the right of the creditor to retain possession of his debtors property until his debt has been satisfied.

How do you file a vehicle possessory lien?

Call your state DMV for advice.

Estates and Wills: Basic Legal Terms?

Many people dream about drafting their own legal estates and wills, rather than hiring an attorney for thousands of dollars. If a person wants to write his or her own legal will, however, there are some basic legal terms he or she ought to know. This article will discuss the most essential legal terms a person should know before drafting his or her own will. First, a person should know that the owner of a right to possess land in the present is referred to as a possessory estate. Also, an owner with a right to possess land in the future has a future interest in that land. After understanding these fundamental concepts of ownership in property law, it is next necessary to examine the most popular types of estates that exist. There are four possessory estates that are important to know. These are a fee simple, fee tail, life estate, and term of years. Each possessory estate has its own distinguishing feature. It is also important to recall the definition of a possessory estate, which is the right to possess land in the present. A fee simple is a type of possessory estate that has no inherent ending, and it is the largest estate out of the bunch named above. There is no ending built into a fee tail by its very nature. An example of wording describing a fee simple that might come up in a legal will is, A to B and (his or her) heirs. Next, a fee tail is a type of possessory estate with an interest that passes automatically to the holder’s issue, upon the holder’s death. Issue is a word that refers to lineal descendants. The interest ends when the last lineal descendant dies. With this type of possessory estate, the law assumes that it is inherently limited and will end naturally at some point. The third type of possessory estate this article will discuss is a life estate. A life estate is a type of possessory estate with an interest that will end upon the death of the person whose life is designated as the measuring life. An example of language articulating this concept is, A to B for life. The fourth type of possessory estate this article will discuss is a term of years. A term of years is also known as a lease. Overall, these are the basic terms to know when creating a will.

What rhymes with accessory?

sesame! (like, the seeds or sesame street)intercessory possessory accessary (diaphragm) pessary

What has the author Peter T Wendel written?

Peter T. Wendel has written: 'Exam Pro Property (Exam Pro)' 'Wills, trusts, and estates' -- subject(s): Wills, Outlines, syllabi, Trusts and trustees, Inheritance and succession 'A possessory estates and future interests primer' -- subject(s): Future interests, Possessory interests in land

Is spanking legal in Texas?

Abuse does not include reasonable discipline by a parent/guardian/managing or possessory conservator if child not exposed to substantial risk of harm. Family Code Sec. 261.001. [Civil Code] Parent/stepparent/person standing in loco parentis to child is justified to use non-deadly force against a child under 18 when and to degree the actor reasonably believes necessary to discipline, or safeguard or promote child's welfare. Penal Sec. 9.61. [Criminal Code]

Legal Will: Terms to Know?

When creating a legal will, there are terms every lawyer or ordinary person should know. This article will discuss some of the key legal terms to keep in mind when drafting a will. There are four types of possessory estates that legal wills usually deal with. These are the fee simple, fee tail, life estate, and term of years. After understanding the basic concepts of these types of estates, it is important to understand the limitations that can be added to these types of possessory estates. The only type of possessory estate without any limitations at all is a fee simple absolute. A fee simple is defined as a type of possessory estate with no inherent ending and it is the largest type of possessory estate. Example of language defining a fee simple is C to D and (his or her) heirs. When a possessory estate such as a fee simple has an added limitation, it becomes a defeasible estate. When the occurrence of a particular event happens, then a fee simple has been effectively de-feased. There are two kinds of limitations that can help accomplish a grantor’s goal in setting forth an inheritance on the occurrence of a particular event. These two kinds of limitations are a determinable limitation and a limitation which makes the estate subject to a condition subsequent. To discuss, a determinable estate ends automatically upon the happening of a limiting event. The grantor of an estate does not have to do anything to put a determinable estate into effect. An estate that is subject to a condition subsequent greatly differs from a determinable estate, because it depends on the happening of a certain event and does not end automatically. A grantor always has to take some action in order to reclaim property with an estate that is subject to a condition subsequent. There are certain phrases associates with determinable estates and estates subject to a condition subsequent. For a determinable estate, these phrases are until, so long as, while, and during. For an estate subject to a condition subsequent, these phrases are but if, provided that, on condition that, and however. Overall, it is very important to know the different added limitations that can be added to a possessory estate. It is also important to know the phrases that can make an estate determinable or subject to a condition subsequent. With this knowledge, one can write effective wills.

What is a maritime lien?

A maritime lien is on a ship or freight either possessory rising out of contracts of carriage or charging rising out of collision or other damage

What is the Difference between a mechanic's lien and an artisan's lien?

Artisans lien is against personal property and is possessory. Mechanic's lien relates to real property.

What is ownership?

Ownership is the status of having the right to at least some incidents and benefits of a legally-cognized and legally-recognized property interest, which need not be possessory rights.

What has the author Ralph de Hengham written?

Ralph de Hengham has written: 'Radulphi de Hengham Summae' -- subject(s): Civil procedure, Law, Possessory actions, Writs

Is stealing a dog a felony?

At common law, the asportation (taking and carrying away) of the personal property (which a dog could be) of another, or of one who had a superior possessory interest (e.g., a bailee) with the intention permanently to deprive, is a felony. The short answer, again at common law, is yes.

Is a signed work order necessary to obtain a possessory lien?

Generally, a person is not bound by any work order that was not signed. A signed contract is generally the evidence needed to prevail in a civil suit unless you can provide enough other evidence to convince the judge there was a binding agreement.

What has the author Antonio Gambaro written?

Antonio Gambaro has written: 'Le droit de l'Occident et d'ailleurs' -- subject- s -: History, Law, Comparative law, Legal polycentricity 'La legittimazione passiva alle azioni possessorie' -- subject- s -: Possessory actions

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