Cougars, Mountain Lions, and Pumas

Does a puma have a predator?

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A puma has very few predators in the world. These predators actually include but are not limited to human beings.
wolves are Pumas enimies!
wolves are Pumas enimies!

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Black bears, grizzly bears and wolf packs have been known to attack pumas.

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Is the puma a prey or a predator?

The puma is a predator and the apex predator of the food chain so is a prey to nothing.

Is a puma prey or a predator?


What is a food chain of a puma?

Fruit plants - Racoon - Puma OR Grass - Deer - PumaThe puma, or mountain lion, is a top predator.

What eats a puma?

As an apex predator, only scavengers that come upon a Puma that had died of illness or old age would eat a Puma.

What eats the puma?

The puma has no natural predators in the wild. Once deceased, this animal may be eaten by scavengers like vultures. Humans are really the only predator of the puma.

What are some predator animals that begin with the letter P?

puma panther

Where is a puma in the food chain?

Throughout much of its range it would be considered the apex predator - at the top.

What boots is there on pes 2010?

The boots in Pes 2010 will have 3 brands Adidas, Nike, Puma. From Adidas there will be Adidas Predator Powerswerve, Adidas F50.10 TUNIT, and Adidas AdiNova. From Nike there will be Nike Total 90, Nike Mercurial Vapor V, and Nike Air Legend II. From Puma there will be Puma V1.10, Puma King XL, and Puma Konstrkuct.

What are the ocelots predator?

Ocelots are not normally preyed upon by other creatures, but the jaguar and puma can be threats, as can the caiman and the anaconda.

Preditors of a horse?

Natural predators of a horse are mountain lions (also called a cougar, or puma). Man is also a predator.

What is a guanco?

The guanaco is a south American wild relative of the lama. Found in Peru down to the coast of Chile. Biggest predator is the puma.

Are armadillos a prey or a predator?

Armadillos are prey to automobiles, coyotes, bobcat, and puma. They fill pretty much the same ecological niche as possum.

Is a coyote a predator of an ocelot?

Only Rarely. Ocelots Live In Texas But Very Few Live There.

What is a jaguar's predator?

Bigger Jaguars and humansa jaguars predator is a human[you!]I'm not sure but i think its the Puma or the Mountain Loin

What is the specific name of the puma?

Did you mean "What is the scientific name of the puma"? The scientific name for the puma is Puma concolor.

What predators eat the puma?

The puma is an apex predator. Nothing else kills and eats it (unless a human hunter decides to eat one he's shot). Other than human hunters, pumas are only eaten when they get sick, injured, or old and are then consumed by scavengers.

What is the genus of a puma?


What is the sceintific name for puma?

The puma or mountain lion is Puma Concolor.

Could a puma eat a giraffe?

Yes, a puma could eat an already dead giraffe, if they lived in the same places, which they don't. Pumas are endemic to the Americas, and giraffes only live in Africa. However, a puma cannot kill a giraffe, because giraffes are too large, fast, and can even decapitate a lion (a far more dangerous predator) with a single kick.

What is the word 'puma' when translated from English to Japanese?

It will remain "puma."

How do you put puma in a sentence?

I have a pet Puma. I have clothes made by puma. simple

What western hemisphere mammal has the greatest range?

My guess would be the Puma/Mountain Lion/Cougar/Grey Ghost. If not that great predator, then it's cousin the Bob Cat.

How is the yellow tailed woolly monkey endangered?

The yellow tailed woolly monkey is endangered because of commercial logging and land clearance. Also because of their predator the puma.

What is a male puma called?


Who is the animal on the brand Puma?

A puma.

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