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No not really it would be there all the time if it where the water pump. Does your car also suffer with overhaeting probs or using water if not more than deffinalty not the water pump.

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Q: Does a rattling noise that comes and goes mean that the car has a water pump problem?
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What is wrong with your dishwasher if you often hear a banging or rattling noise from the pipes when you start it?

water vavle on the dw is the problem

What sound does a broken water pump make?

It will normally start with a leak at the pump. If the impeller breaks you will hear a rattling noise at the pump.It will normally start with a leak at the pump. If the impeller breaks you will hear a rattling noise at the pump.

What could cause a rattling noise in head-timing belt area that sounds like a pulley bearing noise?

Could possibly be a bad water pump. Get it checked by a mechanic. Check water pump first. if that's is not problem it sounds like your timing belt is worn and stretched and needs a new one.

When the toilet is flushed there is sometimes not all the time a loud noise coming from the pipes somewhere?

This is water hammer and is caused by rattling pipes that are not secured down properly

Why do the pipes make a very loud vibrating noise when I turn on sink?

This is called water hammer. It is caused by rattling pipes or by the jumpers inside the tap which rattle.

What if your central air unit is outside and ran very quiet but recently it has started to get loud you can hear water sloshing from the main vent inside your house?

Shut down the outside unit and check for anything loose if it's a rattling noise. If you think the compressor is making noise get a tech. The water sloshing around sounds like a separate problem check the drain on the inside unit to see if it's clogged.

What causes sink drains to make sucking sounds?

The sucking noise is usually a good thing, it means that the drain is working properly, the noise comes from a swirl in the water that goes counter clockwise and pulls the water. That noise is actually air. joe jersey

Car making noise it's the damper which is located were the belts are air comp cramshaft water pump etc how can you change this damper making noise on a 1992 Buick Park Avenue?

Every accessory that is turned by that belt can make some sort of noise...the alternator and water pump berrings wear out, causing a dull grinding noise. The power stearing pump can make a whirring noise, and the AC compressor makes a rattling noise when the AC system has had no refriderant in it for some time. Very UNLIKELY that its the balencer on the crankshaft causing your trouble

2000 Honda civic failed emissions due to high hydrocarbons what are all the possible reasons for this?

High levels of hydrocarbon is normally caused by malfunctioning catalytic converter. Its function is to convert hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide to water and carbon dioxide. Try slapping the converter (when it is cold) and listen for any loose and rattling noise inside. Loose and rattling noise is a sign that the beads of catalyst materials have come loose and replacement of the coverter is necessary..

What is wrong when the sable starts making a chain rattling noise?

Could be the timing chain. Its at the front of the engine where the belt is. Almost dead center. But check the water pump also. I had a bearing go out in one and it also made a similar noise. Its lower and toward the front of the car . Still on the engine.

What would be the problem with your 1994 ford escort if it smelled of antifreeze and made a knocking noise loudly?

you might check the water pump before you do anything else.remove fan belt and check to see if there is substantial movement in pulley wheel and/or shaft on water pump. if this is not the problem, you have overheated engine and damaged bearings inside, which is where the knocking comes from

Why do water lines make noise?

The water rush makes the noise

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