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No, it means you didn't agree about something, it happens all the time.

2006-08-28 18:09:27
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How do you know if your boyfriend doesnt want to be with you anymore?

he try to avoid you and doesnt talk to you

Why has your boyfriend stop phoning you?

he doesnt like you anymore

Why is your boyfriend acting like he doesnt care anymore?

because he's a jerk :)

How can i tell if my boyfriend doesnt want to be with me anymore?

You can kind of feel it. You can sense the awkwardness of your conversations, the way he never has time to spend with you anymore. Your boyfriend may not be interested in you anymore because your relationship isn't what he wants.

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesnt call you baby anymore?

nothimg mabe he fogot to say it

Boyfriend still loves his ex wife should you break up with him?

Love is something special, and hes not giveing that to you. if he loves his ex wife it doesnt mean he doesnt have feelings for you but it doesnt mean he has feelings for you. you should leave him

Your best friend is going out with your ex-boyfriend and he says he doesnt like you anymore how do you no he is telling the truth?

if your best friend is going out with your ex-boyfriend then thats okay for them but if your best friends boyfriend says he doesnt like you anymore then he may not because you can always tell weather someone likes you when they call you names. if your best friends boyfriend does that then he odviously likes you

How can your boyfriend does not want to go out with you anymore?

there are lots of ways to know this. it could be he has no desire to touch you or kiss you. the little things that he used to do he doesnt do anymore. that's how i knew my ex didnt want to be with me anymore.

Why doesnt your boyfriend want to go out with you anymore?

it all depends on what your like and what he is like did you make a good couple in the first place?

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesnt want you to cll him anymore?

He just wants to think things through. Just wait for him to call you.

Why does youre boyfriend cheat on you?

Either cause he is tired of u bt doesnt wanna hurt ur feelings, or he is a jerk

Dealership no longer exist and financial company doesnt do loans anymore?

the dealership doesnt exist anymore and the financial company doesnt do auto loans anymore

What do you say when your boyfriend doesnt want you to be friends with your best friend anymore?

you should tell him that your best friend has been there for you for everything and that you have to stand by her. if he can't accept that, then he's not a good boyfriend.

What does it mean if your conversations with your boyfriend are getting shorter?

if he is starting to talk to other girls a lot... then that means he might not like u anymore if he doesnt act strange in any other way... it might just be cuz he doesnt have anything to say anymore

How do you tell if your ex still have feelings for you?

Look at his eyes, if they dont keep contact or if he looks away quickly he doesnt have feelings anymore. If he is around you often and talks directly to you. Smile at him and c if he returns the smile.

Why is your boyfriend ignoring you?

maybe hes hidin somethin from you maymbe he likes another girl and doesnt want to to talk to u anymore maybe

What does it mean if he doesnt care what you do where you go anymore but he use to does this mean he doesnt love you anymore?

he just trusts you

If a girl tell you to erase her phone?

she means she doesnt like you anymore or she doesnt want to date you anymore.

Do Kathryn Bernardo had a boyfriend?

she doesnt have a boyfriend

Why does your boyfriend do things to help you and resent doing them during arguments?

he really doesnt resent them he's mad and everything he says in the argument makes it sound like he does.

What kind of guys like goths or emos you are emo and think your boyfriend doesnt like you anymore?

confusing question ask a more clear one

Is Marco hidalgo a good friend?

NO! he is a gay that doesnt care about other people's feelings and he THINKS that he is the most prettiest man in the whole world when he is NOT! he is a show off and nobody likes him anymore like a friend and either like a boyfriend! Marco if you see this well i HOPE you see it it is true

Would you tell him that you realized you don't love him anymore?

Yes my ex ended things as he lost feelings for me and doesnt love me and its better he told me then pretend to love me and i would do the same. its not fair on the person if you pretend to have certain feelings

How do you tell if he is over you?

He doesnt call or come over like he says he will. Your feelings and opinions dont mean anything to him anymore. All the "other" things in his life are more important. He doesnt listen to what you have to say. He tells you. Sorry.

If your boyfriend hasn't called you in a while does it mean he doesnt love you anymore?

Well, that's most likely what it means. Or maybe he just wants to be friends with you and he does not want to hurt your feelings. So he's just trying to ignore it. And not talk to you. Or there's a possibility that he could just be busy. But I highly doubt it. :]