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RepossessionYou'll need to get a judgment first. File a small claims action, take the bill to court with you, see what the judge allows. More OpinionsIn the majority of US states, small claims judgments are monetary only judgments (wage/income garnishment, bank account levy). That being the case, a suit to seize a vehicle by use of a judgment lien or place a lien against real property belonging to the debtor would have to be filed in the state circuit or superior court in the county where the debtor resides.

Likewise, in the majority of US states, it is a criminal offense for a consumer to stop payment on a check that has been rendered for work done or goods received.

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Q: Does a repair shop have the authority to repossess a vehicle if the owner stops payment on a check for repairs that were performed?
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Not sure how the laws of WV differ from here in NC, but I can tell you that a mechanic can legally keep your vehicle until you pay for the repairs this is referred to as a mechanics lien. You have a certain amount of time to pay for the repairs plus storage if they choose to charge for storage. If after the time limit is up the vehicle owner still has not made the required payment the shop can legally sell the vehicle at auction to cover the amount of the repair/storage bill. Since you are in physical possession of the vehicle the shop will probably have to go through small claims proceedings in court (sue you) to recover the amount that you owe.

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