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Does a router work with and improve use with a dial up internet connection?

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A router is only to distribute a source of digital data among several end users. It cannot increase connectivity speed. For home use, the most likely use is to connect several computers to an internet connection, whether that be dial-up, DSL or cable.

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Is it Possible to use a wireless router with a dial up internet connection?

Totally! I tried it on a Nintendo D.S.I. internet connection and it totally works!

Does any wired router work with any type of internet?

You may refer to ADSL, Cable, dial-up or 3G cell phone connection to the internet. A wired router will only work if the type of internet connection provides a wired connection. So, likely COAX for Cable, RJ-11 for ADSL and dial up, and RJ-45 or USB for 3G cell phone

Is it possible to get wireless Internet with dial up Internet?

Yes, you will need to purchase a wireless router. 1.get a wireless router. 2.install the router on your PC. 3.have one end of an ethernet cable go from your dial-up modem to the router's internet input port. 4.Name your network's ssid. 5.Test the connection, if sucessful, you're done.

Can Wi-Fi's Internet service can be DSL or cable?

Yes. The term WiFi generally refers to the internet connection from the actual computer/laptop or internet device like a smart phone to a wireless router somewhere near-by. That wireless router is connected to the ISP (Internet Service Provider). The connection there can be any type of internet connection. Dial-up, ISDN, DSL, Cable Modem, or FiOS.

Is dial use voip?

Dial up internet connection? Yes it can but it is recommended to use DSL or any high speed internet connection since VoIP rely on internet.

Which of these is not required to establish a Internet connection?

In order to establish internet connection you need to have a service provider. After obtaining a service provider you will be either dial up or have a modem, if having a modem most people use a wireless router so they can access the internet from anywhere in the home.

Can you use an ADSL router for dial up connection?

No, they are completely different technologies.

What is some common networking terms?

-internet -router -modem -dsl -cable -wireless -wired -ethernet -local area connection -connection -signal -ssid -security -service provider -dial up

My PC said you have internet on your cp but you cant because it says connection failed?

what type of operating system? xp, vista, mac? what type of internet? cable modem dial-up? are you using a router?

What type of internet connection is data card?

It is a kind of dial-up connection

Slowest type of internet connection?


How does a wireless router work?

A wireless router is like a Modem (internet connection machine) but does not require cables to be connected to the computer itself. You can go on the internet where there is WIFI or wireless connection available when there is a wireless router available. All you need is a WEP code and WPN to gain access. When you have a wireless router, you don't have to worry about dial up or getting kicked off the server because wireless routers are almost 100% glitch free.

What happens when one initiates a dial up internet connection?

When a dial up internet connection is initiated, the computer uses a modem to establish a connection to the an internet service provider through the telephone network. This causes the iconic dial-up sound that is similar to dialing a phone number.

How do you hook up your PS3 to the internet connection?

PS3 ads tell you that Online connectivity requires broadband internet service and network devices such as a DSL or cable modem. That means don't think about dial-up, cell phone or USB port online connection because they will not work.The ethernet cable goes to your router or modem, not your computer. Once your PS3 is connected to your television and you already have WiFi you go to the settings menu and then the internet connection. For many people that already have a home internet system you will need to purchase a wired router and ethernet cable or a wireless router. If you have dial up you will not be able to connect the PS3 to dial up. If you use a USB port system to connect to the internet you will not be able to connect the PS3 to it. The PS3 must be connected with WiFi or ethernet cable. The ethernet or wired connection provides the best signal and I use it even though I have a wireless router.

What is the slowest internet connection?

In general, the slowest internet connection, that is, the connection with the most limited data transfer rate, is dial up service.

What is dial up internet access?

Dial up internet access is the access of internet using a telephone. The telephone is connected to a router, the router is then connected to a computer, much like in using internet nowadays, however you must call a number to gain internet access and the telehpone can not be using while using the internet.

Does a wireless router speed up a dial up modem?

The speed is only as fast as the slowest link in the chain, so the answer is NO. The more the internet connection is diluted and split, the slower it will be.

What a broadband Internet connection is?

Broadband internet connection are internet connections that are "high speed" non dial-up connection. i.e : Cable internet , DSL internet , Satellite internet

How do you get Internet for PS3 if you don't have Internet?

That's pretty simple actually. You can't. Since you don't have any internet (That's what you stated in the question, that there's no source of internet ). You can find out if the internet is available in your area and purchase it. You can not use a dial up connection for the PS3. You also can not use anything that will connect to your USB plug as that also will not allow a PS3 internet connection. You need a broadband connection with ethernet cable to your PS3 or a WiFi connection from your router or modem.

What are the requirements needed in each type of Internet connection?

for dial up you need a modem, active telephone line and an internet service provider for high-speed u need a highspeed router and modem, and an active internet service provider ~zero

Do you need an Internet cord to play ps3 online?

The PS3 can connect to the internet with two different methods. The first is with the Built in WiFi connection that will allow you to connect to your internet service if you already have WiFi connection capability or you add it to you system. The second is a wired connection with an ethernet cable from the PS3 to you internet Modem or Router. Connection with dial up, USB or other devices is not possible as the connection must be through the ethernet port or WiFi signal.

What is the speed of internet connection?

It depends on the provider and the type of connection. It could be dial-up, cable, or DSL. Internet connection speeds are usually measured in Kbps.

What kind of Internet connection is much faster then dial-up Internet access?


What is difference between dial up internet connection and broadband internet connection?

The main difference between dial-up and broadband Internet connectivity, lies in the speed of access granted. The broadband option is quite the opposite of dial-up technology with regards to the time taken to access telephone connection, protocol synchronization and data transfer.

What is the difference between broadband Internet and dial up Internet?

Broadband internet offers a higher quality connection without the use of your home phone line. Dial up connections are made via modem dialing a connection with your landline.

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