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Does a sea horse take a lot of work?

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August 21, 2008 8:59AM

Seahorses are one of the most difficult fish to keep successfully. They are saltwater fish, and the saltwater aquarium generally requires more work and more money to establish and maintain than freshwater. Seahorses are delicate and usually small. They must be housed in a mature system (preferably over a year old) but should not be kept with large or boisterous fish. They also need a gentle current and plenty of anchor points as they are weak swimmers. The hardest part about keeping seahorses is feeding them. Because they have very small mouths they cannot take a lot of foods offered to other marine fish. They are best kept in a reef system with live rock; the small creatures that naturally live and multiply on the surface of the rock will keep them largely fed but they will need supplementary feeding as well. If you have a mature reef system that contains only small, gentle fishes and without a strong current, seahorses are a very interesting choice but bear in mind that you might have to buy or grow a lot of small live food to keep them healthy.