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It probably depends on the species and maturity of shark. I have personally caught small sand sharks when using dead herring as bait.

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Q: Does a shark eat dead fish?
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How do you eat a shark?

The shark must be dead otherwise it will eat you.

Can humans eat bull shark?

A bull shark is a fish, humans can eat fish.

What can eat a shark for dolphin?

Nothing can really eat an a shark but a whale but the shark has to be dead.

Does crabs eat small fish?

no they eat dead fish no they eat dead fish

What are some animals that eat fish?

A shark is a fish, but the shark eats a certain type of fish!!

What would happen if the shark population declined?

In the sea sharks play a very important role. They don't just eat all fish, they eat for a good cause. Some sharks eat dead fish and if the population were to decline then we would have dead fish in the ocean.

What is the symbiotic relationship between a shark and a fish?

The relationship between the shark and the fish is that the shark is bigger, faster, and stronger, and the fish is inferior to the shark. The shark will always win and eat the fish.

What does a shark like to eat?

A shark likes to eat fish, turtles and seals.

Will a shark eat a porcupine fish?

No, Sharks will not eat porcupine fish.

Do fish eat football?

They eat fish and shark but how can they be so timpny he he"

What do football fish eat?

They eat fish and shark but how can they be so timpny he he"

What do. Sharks eat?

A shark will eat anything that it can catch, though this will be primarly fish. They are opportunistic feeders. They will eat fish, sea mammals (seals, dolphins, porpoises, etc.); great whites are partial to already dead whale. A shark will eat other mammals that are easy to catch.

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