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Does a shield volcano erupt ash?

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Not usually. Although ash producing eruptions can happen occasionally, the main products of a shield volcano are lava flows and sometimes lava fountains.

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Yes. If it doesn't erupt and never has erupted then it is not a volcano.

an ash clloud of a volcano is where the heat and ash mix up and erupt into the air

a volcano is about to erupt if there are puffs of ash or sulfer exsplosins, then BOOM

because movement of tectonic plates

Yes. Shield volcanoes erupt basaltic lava, which is runny.

When a volcano erupts it blows its top off due to all of the pressure contained within it, causing cinder and ash or lava or all 3 to burst out depending whether it is a shield cone volcano, a composite cone volcano, or a cinder cone volcano.

Shield Volcanoes erupt less violently and flows further then composite volcanoes. A composite volcano erupts more violently.

Mt. Hood erupts lava and ash

Shield volcano, cinder cone (ash) volcano, and composite volcano (aka stratovolcano).

You've got to be kidding me. A volcano that erupts often is called a cinder cone volcano, a volcano that does not erupt at all is called a shield volcano, and a volcano that can erupt but doesn't is a composite volcano. Here is the chart. Cinder cone: eruption Shield: dead Composite: sleep Hope you use my answer wisely. NOOBS!

the heat of the volcano made the ash rise eventually the pressure was 2 much and it erupted

Earthquakes, tidal waves, smoke rising from the crater of the volcano, ash falls

Shield volcanoes erupt all the time - in fact, a volcano may be erupting as I type this answer! Considering this, I am not able to give you an accurate answer.

aerosols and ash can stay on the atmosphere for months or years.

Yes. A composite volcano also known as a stratovolcano erupts quite a bit of ash and debris.

Generally shield volcanoes do not explode. They erupt in a non-explosive fashion, fountaining or oozing lava.

Yes, because a shield volcano is much closer to the ground then the other two types of volcanoes.

Pompeii does not erupt. Pompeii was a city that was buried by ash and pumice in 79 AD, during an eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius.

Magma, ash, and lava, a substance of hot molten rock coming from underground.

This is because of the time of volcano it is and the type of lava it excretes. A steep volcano will erupt with basaltic lava which is runny and can clog at the top. A shield volcano, however is different as the thick lava emitted just glops onward.

is the type of volcano that often erupts with a mix of stream,ash,rock and dust causing a pyroclastic folw

The volcano wil erupt soon. The volcano is about to erupt!

definition for volcano mountain created as liquid Rock and ash erupt from inside the earth.

I think there would be a crack in the earths crust so the magma can come out.

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