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yes but if you what it on the airplane it has to be a "carry on" suitcase or a bag.If you paid for a ticket for the child, then he or she has the right to have just as much luggage as any other paying customer.

Of course they have the right to check in or carry on luggage! This is usually limited to two carry-on bags in the United States. The same rules that apply to adults also apply to small children regarding cargo luggage. Tell the child not to forget their headphones; it's a long flight!

2015-07-15 20:50:59
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How much luggage is allowed in Economy class in international flight?

It depends who you are flying with and what you are willing to pay. You should check your flight company's information for that information. Generally, for carry on items you are typically allowed one piece of luggage and/or a purse.

Can hair spray be carry on a flight if you check it in a luggage?

It probably wouldn't be allowed in carry-on luggage as it is flammable. However, it would be allowed in normal luggage. if shaving gel is, than hair spray should be!

Can you pack peanuts in hold luggage?

No. You can have them in check in luggage, but not in carry on luggage.

Can you check your luggage in for your flight on expediacom?

You can only check your luggage in for an Expedia flight if you are actually at the airport. This is because you luggage needs to be weighed and there will be a fee if it is over a particular weight.

Can you bring beef jerky from Hawaii to CA in carry-on or check-in luggage?

It's a domestic flight so I would think carry on

Should you pack a camera in the check in luggage or the carry on?

in the carry on

Check in luggage size and weight?

The check in luggage can only be 49 pounds or so and the carry on can be 25 pounds

Can you check liquor in your luggage?

Yes, as long as it is not carry-on.

Can you bring your Nerf CS-6 recon on your carry-on luggage for an airplane?

Nope not in your carry on but you can put it in your check in luggage.

Is there a charge for check in luggage for Barcelona to Madrid flight?

It depends on the airline you fly with, some of the cheap airlines charge for check in luggage

What is the maximum size for carry on luggage?

This depends, check with your airline.

What is the purpose of luggage check in?

The purpose of luggage check in is so that it gives the people in the airplane more space. It is also a safety concern. You can bring a carry-on into the main part of the airplane but in the carry on are things that you will be using during that flight period and everything else that you are not using such as clothing, shower products, ect... will be in your suitcase underneath the aircraft.

Can you take alcohol on Qantas fights?

On International Qantas Flights you can purchase duty free alcohol at the airport. You are not permitted to carry such substance inside your check in luggage.

International flight carry- on rules?

Carry on size limitations vary from airline to airline. It is always best to check with the particular airline for their size limitations.

Can you take liquor in check in baggage in domestic flight in India?

yes u can but in check-in luggage

Can you put lighter fluid in a check in bag?

No, they must be in your carry on luggage.

Is it legal to put an aluminum baseball bat with the luggage when traveling by plane?

By international air travel rules, it MUST be in the luggage you check in and put in the bottom of the plane. Failure to do so will mean confiscation of the bat, fines, and possibly missing your flight.

Do airports check your carry on?

Yes, they do. Inspection of carry on luggage is a vital part of airport security and is very thorough.

Can you bring canned food in check-in luggage?

I guess so. But you surely can't bring canned food in you carry-on luggage.

A sentence using the word luggage?

Luggage is a noun for suitcases or other bags used to carry personal items in while traveling. "I think I packed too heavily, I have too much luggage." "Please check your luggage at the Oceanic Airways check-in counter."

What are the limitations on carry on luggage size?

The has a helpful size chart that lists size restrictions for all the top airlines. You should be able to use this to check if your carry on luggage meets the requirements.

Can you take uncooked food on flight between Glasgow and Birmingham in your hand luggage?

You will have to check with your airline.

What are the size limits for carry on luggage?

The size limit for carry on luggage varies depending on the airline. The best way to find out is to either go to the airline's website or check online at a comparision site such as LuggageSource.

Electrical goods on as hand luggage?

It is advisable to pack in your carry luggage if it is precious or expensive but not too heavy and all that. However if it is just wires and all that, you can check it.

What weight of extra luggage is allowed by british airways on international economy flight?

You are permitted one piece of hand luggage, weighing 23 kilos or less, that can fit into the overhead bin, as well as an item such as a laptop or handbag. You are allowed to check in one bag weighing up to 23kg.