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A smaller airplane flies faster


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Use a big piece of paper, or make one with cardboard and staples.

The answer depends on how small (or big) the pieces of paper are!

Yes. Some create more lift than the others. Glider paper planes have more lift due to big wings. Paper planes like Classic dart fly faster but for less amount of time.

it depends how big the plane is small = 500lb ish big = 10s of tonnes

A little bit less than a train made out of paper, but way more than a boat made out of paper. Of course, the size of the airplane wasn't stated in the question. If it was a really, really BIG paper airplane, it could weigh more than a teeny-tiny paper train. Although, if it was a tiny paper airplane it could weigh less than a HUGE paper boat. I'm pretty sure it would also depend on what kind of paper you use. A construction paper airplane would definitely weigh more than a tissue paper airplane. But one of those airplanes made out of copier paper would weigh about average. I wouldn't reccommend a toilet paper airplane. It would also depend on what kind of plane you were making out of paper. A 747 made out of tar paper is going to completely outweigh a Cessna made out of freezer paper. All in all, I would have to say a medium sized airplane made out of a mid-gauge paper would weigh in at around 3,982 kilograms.

it depends on the paper size because if u take a small paper small folds will happen and is u take big paper it will have many folds

The bigger the parachute, the slower the descent so yes small parachutes do land faster.

That depends on the type of the airplane.

A big gear turning a small gear means the small gear will spin faster, but weaker.

Just launch straight, but its not really a big deal, the model is what matters

they talk to potties and big butts and blue chese

It will take more than 9 months but it depends on what kind of plans, how big or small, how advanced it is, etc. I can definitely make a paper plane in 5 minutes tho!

That is not possible small dogs can run quiet fast for their size maybie faster!but big dogs are very fast too,as the small dogs are lighter than big so that's why!

Of course. You're simply not allowed to turn it on during the flight. Which is not really a big loss, because it's impossible to get anything useful out of a small radio aboard an airplane anyway.

small car becuase it whieghs less ormaybe big car because its got more horsepower

we can do hundred missions we have many big airplane you can try

Yes it is possible to have a small custom sized swimming pool in an airplane. But for this the airplane has to be very big and lots of modifications has to be done to the plane and the pool to prevent water from spilling during takeoff, landing and in turbulence.

You can't go in a big airplane in Vice city, only small ones like the Dodo.

Fine-grained sand generally erodes fasterthan coarse-grained sand.

Small cars are typically faster because of their center of gravity and because of how much less they weigh than a big truck

Big Ideas for a Small Planet - 2007 Paper or Plastic 1-10 was released on: USA: 19 June 2007

I think that big robots because they make bigger steps than the smaller robots...;)

if their the same age no but if the big dog is older then the small one yes

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