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A smaller airplane flies faster

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Q: Does a small paper airplane fly faster then a BIG one?
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How do you make a big paper airplane?

Use a big piece of paper, or make one with cardboard and staples.

Do different paper airplane designs create more lift than others?

Yes. Some create more lift than the others. Glider paper planes have more lift due to big wings. Paper planes like Classic dart fly faster but for less amount of time.

How much does a airplane made out of paper weigh?

A little bit less than a train made out of paper, but way more than a boat made out of paper. Of course, the size of the airplane wasn't stated in the question. If it was a really, really BIG paper airplane, it could weigh more than a teeny-tiny paper train. Although, if it was a tiny paper airplane it could weigh less than a HUGE paper boat. I'm pretty sure it would also depend on what kind of paper you use. A construction paper airplane would definitely weigh more than a tissue paper airplane. But one of those airplanes made out of copier paper would weigh about average. I wouldn't reccommend a toilet paper airplane. It would also depend on what kind of plane you were making out of paper. A 747 made out of tar paper is going to completely outweigh a Cessna made out of freezer paper. All in all, I would have to say a medium sized airplane made out of a mid-gauge paper would weigh in at around 3,982 kilograms.

How many words in a 7 page paper?

It all depends on how large or small the paper is, how many lines on the paper, and how big or small the printing is !

How many pieces of paper is in an ounce?

The answer depends on how small (or big) the pieces of paper are!

What is small but can be turned into something big?


What leaf can photosynthesis faster between big leaf and small leaf?

big leaves

How many times can you fold paper?

it depends on the paper size because if u take a small paper small folds will happen and is u take big paper it will have many folds

Do small parachutes land faster than big ones?

The bigger the parachute, the slower the descent so yes small parachutes do land faster.

How long does it actually take to make and assemble an airplane?

It will take more than 9 months but it depends on what kind of plans, how big or small, how advanced it is, etc. I can definitely make a paper plane in 5 minutes tho!

When a big gear turns a small one the output provides more?

A big gear turning a small gear means the small gear will spin faster, but weaker.

How much faster do bigger dogs age than small dogs?

That is not possible small dogs can run quiet fast for their size maybie faster!but big dogs are very fast too,as the small dogs are lighter than big so that's why!

Does water boil faster in a big or small pot?

they talk to potties and big butts and blue chese

How do you make a paper airplane stay in the air longer than a minute?

just throw it properly and make a very big one

How many pounds can airplane carry?

it depends how big the plane is small = 500lb ish big = 10s of tonnes

What speed is faster small car or big car?

small car becuase it whieghs less ormaybe big car because its got more horsepower

Will a big marble go faster than a small marble and why?

A bigger marble will go faster because it has more weight.

Does a light paper airplane fly better than a heavy paper airplane?

It depends on how big it's wings are, if they are about 3 inches then yes. If the paper is too light the wings will not have good stiffness. More important than weight is stability. If the plane has too much lift it will climb and stall. In this case put a small downward crease in the tail of the plane. If the plane dives put an upward crease instead. Adding weight to the front of a paper plane also helps. Some people use a paper clip. I usually put an extra fold near the front of the plane.

Is it possible to have a swimming pool in an airplane?

Yes it is possible to have a small custom sized swimming pool in an airplane. But for this the airplane has to be very big and lots of modifications has to be done to the plane and the pool to prevent water from spilling during takeoff, landing and in turbulence.

Why does a heavier paper airplane fly further than a lighter paper airplane?

The answer to this question is a matter of some fairly simple physics which I will try to explain to you. First, you need to understand that most paper airplanes are not really airplanes. Airplanes fly because the shape of the wing produces lift; paper airplanes mostly fly as projectiles, meaning that they fly because you throw them. The first reason that the lighter airplane might not fly as far is in the design. Typically, the lighter paper airplane will have larger wings, and therefore, more drag. Since it is virtually impossible to make the paper airplane perfectly symmetrical, one of the wings has more drag which causes the airplane to spin and crash short of its maximum possible distance. The second reason is also related to the design. If you have a light airplane with more drag and a heavy airplane with less drag, the heavy airplane can fly much more easily. This is because the heavier airplane has less drag as well as more momentum to "push" through the air. On this note, a piece of paper crumpled into a ball will fly further than most paper airplanes I have seen just because is has lots of mass for the level of drag it induces. The crumpled piece of paper also will probably fly much straighter that the paper airplane too, just because it is fairly uniform in shape. At this point, we are completely ignoring lift; but at such a small scale with such light material, it works better that way due to the reasons above. Of course, if you put engines and control surfaces on the paper structure, you change the game entirely. Now it has to fly with lift instead of as a projectile otherwise it will crash because it has no control. This explains why real airplanes are not just big balls of metal.

What is the best flying technique for launching a paper airplane?

Just launch straight, but its not really a big deal, the model is what matters

Does a small car go faster than a big car?

depend on its engine

Why do small birds heart beat faster than big birds?

Well its because Small birds have small wings so they don't have as much air under the wings unlike big birds so in place of that the small birds beat their wings faster which common sence tells you that the heart rate goes up

Can a small radio be taken aboard an airplane?

Of course. You're simply not allowed to turn it on during the flight. Which is not really a big loss, because it's impossible to get anything useful out of a small radio aboard an airplane anyway.

How big is an airplane?

That depends on the type of the airplane.