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In many cases a "star note" is slightly more valuable than a standard one. The star by the serial number means that the note is a replacement for one damaged before it was released to the Federal Reserve system. These notes are called "star notes." While they're obviously less common than notes without a star, they're actually not unusual; the only reason they're not often found in circulation is that curious individuals and collectors tend to take them out of circulation as soon as they are discovered. Only 11% of any series of notes have a star. The value of the note will be based on the series and its condition.

2007-05-02 01:38:47
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Where is the serial number on australian paper money?

The serial number on Australian paper money can be found on the upper, right-hand corner of the front of the bill. Australian paper money is extremely colorful and available in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.

What is the value of a paper money with the serial number pc0 5 3 2 1 0?

Low Numbers

How much is a 500 paper money from Sedlabanki islands serial number D13364734 worth?

1000 islan how much in malaysia

What does the serial numbers on paper money mean?

the serial numbers on paper money are used as a tracking device and help prevent fake money from being made and passed off easily as the real thing

Is slightly ripped US paper money still good It's about the size of have a nickel I have a 20 and the serial number is visible from the reverse Is this normal?

Paper money is still usable as long as at least 51% of the note is there.

Where is the serial number on a moneygram money order?

The serial number on a MoneyGram is usually at one the edge. It may be up or bottom of the money order.

Is paper money with consecutive serial numbers more valuable?

Yes - consecutive serial numbers make them more valuable, when sold.

Is it true that the serial number off of money come from birth certificates?


If someone stole your money how do you know if they got your money?

so do i go around the house and search for the money Taurus157's answer: If you found their money, you still won't know if it's yours, So you should copy the serial number of the your dollar bills and check if their money have the same serial number when you lose your money again. (if you have lots of money, i recommend that you convert it into a larger number or something) Oh yeah, to have proof, you can just take a picture of the dollar bills (clear enough to see the numbers) or else she/he may say that you copied her/his serial number of the money.

What factors affect the cost of money?

There are an unlimited number of factors that affect the cost of money. These factors include supply and demand of the products sold for money.

How is the old 20 dollare yen money with serial number 702611 worth?

To find out how much a 20 dollar yen dollar with serial number 702611 is worth you will need to talk to an expert in money exchange. The value of the yen will depend on the condition of the money.

Australian paper money value of 1 Dollar 5 Dollars and 10 Dollars?

For a valuation on Australian banknotes, you would need to provide the serial number and the signatories on the note, the condition and any peculiarities.

How is paper US money made at the bureau of engraving and printing marked?

By marked, I gather you mean how is each individual bill identifiable from the others. That is done by a serial number printed twice on each bill.

Are the bills with stars after the serial number worth more money that their face value?


What was shinplaster?

paper money paper money

How did Marco Polo's discoveries affect us now a day?

For one, I think Marco Polo introduced the concept of paper money from China. They already had paper in Europe, but no one had thought to print money from it.

What does the letter at the end of the us paper money serial number mean?

The letter at the end of the serial number is treated like an extra digit. For example if the letter starts as A, when the number portion reaches 99999999 the letter clicks up to "B", the number is reset, and the process starts all over again. The leading letter on all bills indicates the Federal Reserve District that distributed the bill. On higher-denomination notes there's a second letter before the serial number that again is treated like a digit.

Can you get a paper cut from money?

Yes, you can get a paper cut from paper money.

Is money paper?

yes money is made out of paper so yes money is paper with colored ink

What is a one dollar bill worth with a star at the end of the serial number?

The star signifies that it is a replacement bill for one that was destroyed earlier. As of Oct. 2010, due to the unlimited printing of paper dollars, the value of all paper money has decreased. Let's put it this 2015 it will be worth as much as toilet paper or a small bag of confetti.

What is the value of a Wurlitzer piano with the serial number 336693?

alot of money.. you should get a Rhodes instead

What was used for money during the Revolutionary War?

Paper money paper money

What was acient chinese paper money made of?

If it is called "paper money", then presumably, it was made from paper.

Is money magnetic?

U.S. paper money and coin money are both magnetic. They both have magnetic properties, but normal magnets rarely affect them. Mostly the stronger neodymium magnets can pull/affect them. The magnetic part of a U.S. note is near the corners where most the ink is at.

Who issues paper money?

Paper money is issued by the Federal Reserve.