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The stock 5L Caprice comes with a 700r4 transmission so no upgrade would be needed.


**funny, cuz mine doesnt. 4L60 and i think its pretty WEAK! Does anyone who knows what they're talking about know about this problem? i need a strong-BAD-ASS Auto-tranny that wont let me down- for $$CHEAP$$ inexpensive, im not rich! that's why I drive a 92 Caprice Station Wagon!!! "What parts/components/Transmission do i need to UPgrade my tranny?" Thanks Ken D.

The 4L60 is the newer name for the 700R4. It's the same transmission. The 700R4/4L60/4L60E are all weak transmissions, especially the 4th gear clutchpack. If you upgrade transmissions, you should purchase a large transmission cooler. This will lengthen the life of the tranny.

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Q: Does a stock 1992 caprice 305 V8 5.0 require modifications to upgrade to a 700R4 or police transmission?
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