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Yes. Unless it is going to a laundry sink (like in a basement) That is how they did it back in the twentys,thirtys and fourtys in Oklahoma. There are still alot like that today.

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Q: Does a washer drain require a trap?
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Is a 2 drain pipe and trap to big for a washing machine drain?

no, in fact most plumbing codes require a 2" drain/trap for washing maching drain.

Why should the trap of the floor drain be of deep seal type?

They can also require to have a self primming trap

When draining washer to overhead drain do you need a trap if you have a check valve?

Washing machines should be trapped.

Why is your sink draining into your dishwasher?

your drain is pluged somewhere below your dish washer pull the p trap aprt and check that

What is the difference of a gully trap drain from a floor drain?

The difference between a gully trap drain and a floor drain is placement. A floor drain is in a floor, a gully trap drain goes on an external wall.

Does a dishwasher need a p-trap?

Normally you will install a dishwasher drain pipe above your kitchen sink drain, so you are using the sinks P-Trap. When installed in this fashion, no you don't require a seperate. If you want to install your drain elsewhere, than yes you need a trap otherwise you will have sewer gases backing up through your dishwasher and into your kitfchen

Where is the lint trap on the washer Kenmore model?

Chances are there is no lint trap on your washer. Do you have a model and serial #?You have one on you "DRYER" but not your washer,i dont think.

Can you attach kitchen sink and dish washer to laundry drain?

yes you can do this on a runing trap but make sure that the pipe bore is wide enough!!

What happens if you dont install a drain plug washer?

A drain plug washer is not necessary unless you have oil leaking from the drain plug.

Connection of washer drain hose to tub drain?

Connection of the washer drain hose to the tub drain is very important. This will help prevent leaks for example.

How do you change a bathtub drain to a laundry washer drain?

Washing machines pump out a large volume of water and todays standards require a 2 inch drain pipe. Bathtubs generally have a one and one half inch drain. So bathtub drain will have to be increased to 2", including trap and 18 to 24" standpipe to operate correctly, and connected to the closest existing 2" line or larger line. Same 11/2 venting can be used.

If the vent is below the drain is this an s trap if the drain turns up before the fixture with space between trap?

An S trap would go through the floor. A P trap goes through the wall. As long as the drain is below the bottom of the sink, it should drain. Distance between the bottom of the sink, the trap and the drain does not matter, it just changes how much water stay in the drain. Normally it is just in the trap, but it can be above the trap if circumstances cause the trap to be lower than usual.

If you recently put a washer dryer in the basement of a 2 family house why won't both kitchen sinks drain?

the answer is probly in the trap under the 2 sinks. if you know how a trap works the disassemble the trap under the sink. look for clogs. good luck snm

When you do laundry why does the floor drain start to come up with water from the washer?

The drain from the washer to the main line is getting plugged and the floor drain is easier. Drain cleaner in the floor drain should take care of it.

Why would a tromm washer not drain?

I have a Tromm WM2688Hnm washer and it says NOT DRAINING - CHECK THE DRAIN HOSE AND FILTER. What is wrong?

my washer keep on by passing the spin cycle and will not drain out the water.?

my washer keep on by passing the spin cycle and will not drain out the water.

Is the shower drain has a ubend or straight pipe?

Shower drain goes into a trap under shower. Continue piping from trap to drain line.

Why would your house smell like sewer whenever you run the washer or dishwasher?

I suspect that you have a "p" trap in either a floor drain, or possible the laundry tub or a sink somewhere in the house. If you look under the kitchen sink, or a lavatory in the bathroom you can see a p-trap, it's shaped sort of like the curved part of the letter p. The purpose of the p-trap is to trap, or prevent, sewer gasses in the sewer lines from backing up into the house. By design, p-traps catch and hold some water, which blocks the pipe and stops the gas from coming up through the drain. IF you have a floor drain, or a lavatory drain, either of which don't get used enough to keep the water in the trap from evaporating away, leaving the drain pipe open, then when a lot of water is poured or flushed, pumped out of a washer, then that flowing water will push sewer gasses back up through the drain with the dry p-trap. What you are smelling is sewer gas.

How do you add a washing machine to your condo next to the bathroom?

The easiest way to do this, is to tie into the drain below the lavatory piping as it connects to the vertical pipes in the wall.Cut in the tee for the washer below the tee for the lavatory.Run the 1 1/2" or 2" pipe horisontaly to the washer location,and add a p-trap of the same size.If the p-trap is inside the wall, you will need a solid or glued trap,and if outside the wall it is fine to use a union trap.From the trap, bring the stand pipe up to 40" off the floor,for the washer drain hose.The proper slope of the pipe from the tee fitting to the trap is 1/4" per foot up to the trap, and the maximum length of a 1 1/2" pipe is 6 feet.The maximum length of a 2" pipe is 8 feet.

Can you put a tub on an existing toilet drain?

There may not be a trap in the line on the toilet drain. The stool acts as the trap keeping sewer gas from coming up. If there is access to the drain from below then a trap could be installed.

Can a toilet drain be reduce to a tub drain?

Yes as long as the drain has a trap and is vented

Why does the water from the washer come up in the kitchen sink?

Kitchen sink and washer use same drain line. Drain line clogged causing backup of drainage from washer into kitchen sink. Have drain line unclogged to take care of problem. If drain line not clogged, check for proper venting of drain lines.

Is there a reset button on a Frigidaire affinity washer?

my frigidaire affinity washer wont drain

Does there need to be a trap in a shower drain that goes directly into the cement and sewer line?

The building code is most likely going to require a trap to prevent gases from backing up into the house. I know they had to put them in my home.

What's the difference between a floor trap and a floor drain?

A floor trap is designed to hold a pocket of air. A floor drain is designed to drain water away from a specific area.