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yes it will. thru a hole in bottom usually.

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Q: Does a water pump leak when the car isn't running?
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What are the symptoms of a faulty water pump?

When a water pump is bad it will leak. There is a hole in the pump were water will leak out of.

If a 2000 dodge stratus is running hot and there is a leak could it be the water pump going bad?


Why does the transmission fluid only leak when the truck is running?

The pump is only on when running.

How do tell if a water pump is bad in a 1994 Buick Roadmaster?

Water leak at weep hole at bottom of water pump? Shaft loose? Bearing noise or wobble when engine is running?

Woul your car leak anti-freeze if your water pump is bad?

yes and no, if the water pump seals are bad antifreeze will leak from the weep hole on the water pump, but it is possible for the pump to go bad and not leak at all.

How do you check to see if the pool filter is closed properly?

If its not closed properly water will leak out when the pump us running.

What hose would leak if you replace the water pump?

Non, replacing a water pump will not cause a hose to leak.

How do you fix leak in water pump housing?

Replace the water pump.

Why does your radiator leak only when the car is on?

When vehicle is running: Water pump is circulating coolant and cooling system pressure is building

What cause coolant to leak from under the water pump?

A water pump has a "weep" hole. When the seals start to wear out the water pump will still start to leak from this hole. When this happens it is time to change the water pump.

Is it possible for a hydrostatic valve to leak pool water only when the pump is not running?

YES THERE IS A LOT OF TRASH THAT CAN GET IN THE VALVE TO MAKE IT LEAK. YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO CLEAN IT FURTHER I found that with the pump running, the pool water was rising as apparently the pump was pulling water out of the ground. This was with the pool water low and the skimmer plugged off in order to try to filter after a bad storm. When I shut off the pump, the pool water went down as the valve did not seat properly.

How do you know if you have a bad water pump on 2002 ford focus zx5?

the watetr pump will be noisy will leak water at water pump weep hole and motor will overheat. there is three ways to check water pump first with engine at normal temperature squeeze radiator top hose if water pump is okay you will feel a pressure surge as hose is released check for liquid leak at water pump and lastly grab water pump pulley and check for play if it is loose it will be noisy when running

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