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No, the hymen cannot grow back.

The hymen is tissue surrounding the vaginal opening, it normally doesn't cover much of the vaginal opening and is flexible so can stretch to accommodate penetration. If you go without sex for some time the hymen can return back to it's normal position, like an elastic band returning to normal after being stretched. The hymen can tear if penetration is rough or forced, the hymen will heal and remains where it is around the vaginal opening, but it will remain torn and not grow back.

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The hymen cannot grow back once it has been stretched open. If you don't have sex for a very long time you will notice a difference when you do have sex again (it may feel a bit difficult at first) but you will not re-lose your virginity. ~ T It depends, I didn't have sex for two years and when i had sex again I bled. But then again I only was with 1 guy and I could count the number of times i had sex on one hand. I think it also depends on how rough the guy is too. My GYN told me it's not uncommon.

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How hymen broke can it grow again?

The hymen does not break, it can be stretched or it can be torn as a result of penetration. The hymen cannot grow back, no more than if you were to cut off a finger that would grow back.

Can girls get their hymen again?

The broken hymen is always still there on the side and by surgery they can sow it back on, but it can not grow back.

Does a women hymen ever grow back?

no it doesn't, once it is ripped during sexual intercourse or masturbation the wall of tissue is never reconstructed.

Do toes grow back if they get cut off?

No, the bones will not grow back. Ever.

Can you get broken in twice?

If you mean breaking your hymen, no. The hymen is only broken once whether it be through the use of tampons or penile penetration. The hymen is just a thin layer of skin on the inside of the vagina, it won't grow back after it has already been broken.

How long does it take your hymen to grow back?

In the majority of cases it never will. In rare occasions, where only a partial tear occurs, it is possible for the hymen to heal into something resembling it's original form.

Does hymen grows back?

I don't really think that it would grow back, there's no reason for it to, I think it's just a way of stating that you're a virgin or not, you know?

Can chipped teeth ever grow back?

No, the enamle on a humans teeth will not grow back. Only strengthen.

Can hymen tissue recover?

Recover from what? The hymen is a membrane that cover the vaginal opening, to keep things out, mostly during pregnancy, and this will break usually long before a woman has sex, a fall, sometimes a lot of jumping, just general life will allow the hymen to break, it doesn't grow back.

Does a males sperm grow a womans hair?

Sperm doesn't grow outside the testes.

Why does a womans breasts get larger during puberty?

Womans breast develope during puberty they grow bigger. because There hormones are starting to kick in.

When do you shave your pubic hair?

When you get crabs. When ever it starts to grow back.

What happen if you lose adult teeth?

They won't grow back. Ever.

Can a molested child's hymen grow back?

The hymen doesn't go away, it's just a fold of skin that gets torn. And no it doesn't heal. The hymen is no sign that a woman is a virgin anyway since the hymen can get torn w/e just by having gymnastics in school or riding a horse. I wish ppl would stop focusing so much on it, it has led to ppl dying in some countries when they think the girl isn't a virgin anymore when in fact she is.

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It doesn't. Its simply because men cut they're hair short and we grow it out.

I just shaved my pubes will they ever fully grow back to the length before and if so how long will this take?

They will grow back in 3-4 weeks. This varies throughout different people. When they do grow fully back, you will have more hair and it will be thicker and darker Yes they grow back everytime after shaving. Hair grows constantly.

What sex cell helps the unborn baby to grow?

The sperm cell enters the womans vaginal area going to the ovary, which fertalizes the womans egg cell, creating and baby.

Can your molars grow back?

yes.they can grow back if you are young and the molars is a baby tooth but in the very back it cant grow back but in the front it will grow back

I have a bald spot on my eyebrow will it ever grow back?

Most of the time, bald spots on the eyebrows will grow back, but it can take a while. Personally, I accidentally shaved off part of one of my eyebrows when I was a teenager. Eventually it all grew back.

Do cat tongues grow back?

No, it will not grow back.

Will your foreskin grow back?

No, it will never grow back.

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i think they do because the taste buds grow back but do taste buds not work during the night?

What happens when a man drinks a womans period blood?

He will grow breasts and become a vampire. Nothing else will satisfy him.

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