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My fiance is about 3 months pregnant, and we were wondering the same thing. So we brought the question to our OBGYN. He told us that this early in the pregnancy, the baby is behind your bladder, which is right above your pubic bone. We were looking in the wrong place. Perhaps you are too? When we felt there, it was the answer we were looking for :)

this is my second pregnancy an my tummy is hard and round but this was not the case the first time i didnt show till about five months gone

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Q: Does a woman's tummy get hard at three months of pregnancy?
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When you are pregnant is it true that your tummy hardens?

Your tummy will start to harden about 5 months into the pregnancy, not before.

When does your tummy get hard during pregnancy?

It depends on the woman. It's generally when you're a few months pregnant.

How late does a baby kick?

If you're talking about a Baby in a tummy, they generally start kicking between 6-8 Months of Pregnancy.

If under my tummy is feeling i pregnant?

if your tummy feels bloated, then that is a symptom of pregnancy.

Does your tummy get hard during pregnancy?


How far into your pregnancy can you feel a difference in your stomach?

Hi, In your first pregnancy you usually notice hardening of your tummy, around 3-4 months. With your second pregnancy it can happen a earlier. With multiple pregnancies, it happens earlier still.

What is the earliest in pregnancy to start getting bigger?

The pregnancy itself does not start showing until around 3 months, but many women have constipation and/or gas which bloats the tummy and makes you look bigger.

If you are on the patch and still having your periods but feeling fluters in your tummy and your tummy is getting bigger are you pregnant?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are signs of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test.

How many weeks it takes to show that you are pregnant?

In a 2nd pregnancy you will have a baby bump earlier than you would with a 1st pregnancy. Usually a bump or rounding of your tummy may be slightly obvious around 3-4 months into the pregnancy.

How much does a natural child birth cost?

nothing it just comes out the womans tummy !! Megan 11

Does your tummy feel firm in the early stages of pregnancy?

Not from the pregnancy, but many women have bad gas because of the effects of hormones, and this may make your tummy feel firm.

Would a tummy tuck will interfere with a pregnancy later in life?

Yes it could affect your chance of pregnancy. Because a great deal will count on where and how much your tummy was tucked in.

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