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No. Action Replay DS Lite only works on DS Lite. You will have to buy an Action Replay DSi for your DSi.

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yes action replay dsi will work on ds and ds lite. however, action replay ds will not work on dsi. :-)

No, but ds lite action replay will work.

I have bought myself a DSi Action Replay, And Yes, the DSi Action Replay works on a DS Lite. I also have a lite and a frequent ouer of action replay dsi. It works verywell.

yes, but if you get a ds action replay, ds action replays dont work on a dsi or dsixl

The DS and DSi Action Replay both work on the Nintendo DS, But the DS Action Replay doesn't work on DSi.

No, Action Replay for DS lite does not work for the DSi, but Action Replay DSi is coming out in September 2009 at Toys R Us & Gamestop for $24.99.

If it says "Action Replay DS," it's for the DS and DS Lite. If it says "Action Replay DSi," it's for the DSi only.

My friend got a DSi Action Replay for his DS Lite and he says it works fine.

Action Replay Max is for the dsi and Action Replay is for the ds and the ds lite. They both carry cheat codes. Action Replay will not work for the dsi.

Action Replay for DS does not work on a DSi, but there is an Action Replay DSi which does work on them.

Well the action replay cannot work on it but there is an item called action replay dsi it works for ther ds lite also so hope I helped!

Yes you did. DSi consoles need DSi compatible hardware. The regular Action Replay for the DS/lite will not work.

You have to buy a "Action Replay DSi" also works with DS Lite, DS, DSi, DSiXL

Yes. Just like this, the Action Replay DSi works for DSi, DSlite, and Original DS.

AS for a DS lite action replay you don't have to hold it in. Just keep it in there. I expect the same for a DSI

Well it depends if you buy an action replay FOR ds, but if you buy one for dsi, it wont work

You have to have Action Replay. I dunno the code sorry. But Google will probably have results! P.S If you are going to get Action Replay Please note that if you have a DSi get Dsi Action Replay. If you have a Ds Lite get a Ds Lite Action Replay, because if you get the Ds Lite one & use it with a dsi it won't work. Good luck! ~London:)

The Action Replay is for the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite, while the Action Replay Max (or, sometimes called the Action Replay DSi) is for the DSi only. The normal Action Replay will not work in the DSi, and vice versa. I hope I helped! ('u')

all apart from action replay an action replay isn't a game

Yes the Dsi action replay works for all ds systems

Yes action replay works for ds, ds lite, and dsi, hence the name "action replay dsi".

nope. i tested it and it doesn't work at all :/

Yes, but I hear it doesn't work on the DSi.

you need to down load acion replay firmware v1.71 for ds lite action replay and v1.25 for dsi action replay

No, There is an Action Replay for DSi