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In short; absolutely not. However, if you wish to read on.........According to the colligative properties of solutions, if you add a solute (salt) to a solvent (water), then the addition of the salt will cause the water's boiling point to increase.

The equation for boiling point elevation is dT = KbM where dT is the temperature change, Kb is the ebullioscopic constant, and M is Molality of the solution. The Molality is equal to the moles of solute (salt) divided by the kilograms of solvent (water). By increasing the amount of moles (amount) of salt, you increase the temperature change.

The Kb of water is 0.512. To raise the boiling point of 1 liter of water (1kg) by 2oC, you would have to add nearly 230 grams of table salt. The amount of salt you add when cooking (such as pasta) doesn't really change the temperature by much at all, its more for flavor.

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Q: Does adding salt to water make it boil faster?
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How much salt do you put in to make the water boil faster?

Adding salt to water will make it take longer for the water to boil. You should wait until the water is already boiling to add salt.

How will adding different flavors of kool aid to water affect the water's boiling point?

the Kool-Aid will make the water boil faster

Why does water boils faster when salt is added to it?

Salt does not make water boil faster. It makes it boil slower.

What solutions can cause water to boil faster?

If you sprinkle a pinch of salt in the water it will make boil faster and no it won't make your food salty

Adding what to water will make it boil the fastest propanol octanol C25H52?

Propanol has the lowest boiling point of the three, and adding it to water will therefore make the water boil fastest.

How will adding different different flavors of kool-aid to water affect the waters boiling point?

the Kool-Aid will make the water boil faster

Does sugar make water boil faster?


How does adding salt to water effect how it boils?

Raises the temperature at which the water boilsAdding salt does not make the water boil faster, but makes the water boil at a higher temperature than 100 degrees Celsius. This may allow you to cook food in that water faster than in plain boiling water.

Why would you put salt in water for it to boil?

It is an old wive's tale that water boils faster when you add salt. Adding salt to water will actually make it take longer to boil because the salted water has to be heated to higher than the boiling point of water in order to boil.

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water because when they make maple syrup it is 95% water and to make the syrup better they boil off the water

Will adding salt to water make it boil faster?

No, the boiling point will increase, by approx. 1 degree C, per 60g salt, per litre/Kg of water

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