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Q: Does affliction with one or more behavioral health syndromes place individuals at greater risk for addictive behaviors?
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How does behavior health syndromes increase an individuals risk for addictive behaviors?

The behavior health syndromes increases an individual's risk for addictive behavior through the repetitive behavior.

What Behaviors that individuals can expect from others?

The behaviors individuals can expect from others are rights.

What is the definition for behavioral isolation?

Behavioral Isolation is isolation caused by differences in courtship or mating behaviors.

Why are behavioral adaptations not traits?

because they are apaptations not genetic behaviors

What are the behavioral adaptations of kelp?

Most Kelp dont develop behaviors...

What are behavioral adaptations of kelp?

Most Kelp dont develop behaviors...

What is a environmental adaptation?

Behavioral adaptations are inherited behaviors that help animals survive. Some behavioral adaptations are called instincts.

What is a behavioral scientist?

A behavioral scientist is a scientist that studies behaviors. These scientists track and observe many different patterns in living subjects.

What type of psychotherapy deals with how people change their thinking and behaviors?

Cognitive Behavioral Psychology is a form of therapy that treats problems and boosts moods by modifying dysfunctional behaviors, and thoughts.

A therapy that concentrates on changing both thoughts and behaviors is?

Cognitive behavioral therapy

What is a behavioral chain?

A behavioral chain is a line of behaviors that affect one another. For example, hateful behavior could lead to sad behavior.