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Blood Pressure does affect ur age

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Q: Does age affect blood pressure
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Does loratadine affect blood pressure?

does loratadine affect blood pressure?

Does emphysema affect blood pressure?

yes it does affect blood pressure.

Can fear affect your blood pressure?

I am 100% shore that fear can affect your blood pressure

How does alcohol affect blood pressure?

it raises blood pressure.

How does aldosterone affect blood pressure?

It increases the blood pressure

How narrowing of blood vessels affect blood pressure?

Raises blood pressure.

4 factors that affect blood pressure?

There are four factors that affect the blood pressure. The things that can affect blood pressure are stress, genetics, a high salt intake, and exercise.

What affect does marijuana have on blood pressure?

Marijuana lowers your blood pressure.

Does the kidney affect blood pressure?

yes and blood pressure affects the kidney

Does having a common cold affect blood pressure?

Yes it could affect your blood pressure. If you have a fever or are coughing a lot all this could increase your blood pressure

Does caffeine in coca-cola affect a persons blood pressure?

Yes, caffeine from any source can affect blood pressure.

How would decreasing the amount of water in blood affect blood pressure?

Blood pressure would decrease

What effects blood pressure?

the mood the person is is can affect their blood pressure such as depression and angry..

Will taking amoxicillin affect your blood pressure?

Blood Pressure is not a listed side effect.

How would decreasing the amount of water in blood affect the blood pressure?

Blood pressure would decrease

Would Decreasing the amount of water in the blood affect blood pressure?

Blood pressure would decrease

How does an increase in blood pressure affect blood flow?

Blood flow and pressure are directly related: when pressure increases, flow increases.

How does aldosterone affect the blood volume?

Increases of blood pressure

How does gender affect blood pressure?

High blood pressure is the result of heredity, age, activity level, and nutrition. Males have higher blood pressure than females until the age of 55, where the risk of high blood pressure is the same for both sexes. After menopause, levels of estrogen are significantly lower, thereby increasing blood because high to medium testosterone levels are related to high blood pressure. Source linked

What happens to people's blood pressure as they age?

Many people will develop high blood pressure as they age. Blood vessels become clogged by cholesterol, and in a narrow blood vessel, the pressure will be higher.

Can anemia affect blood pressure?


Do sounds affect your blood pressure?


Does alcohol affect blood pressure?


Does heat affect blood pressure?


What can affect a person blood pressure?